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10:30 pm yesterday, the third France terror attack within a year or so, was launched on France, particularly in the tourist city of Nice. This, on the day that they were celebrating their nation.

84 lives were lost, mostly children. Many injured are in the hospital.

30 minutes later, their President, Francois Hollande, led from the front by speaking reassuringly to his people. The existing state of emergency has been extended too.

A few hours after that, this President has flown in from Paris, the nation’s capital, and is about to make a statement in Nice. He knows he has to lead, no matter how tiring it seems.

Francois Hollande addressing his brothers, the people of France following the tragic incident that happened yesterday.

Yes, Leadership is hard work.

Now, let me “wail”….errr, yes, let me.

Militant, harebrained Buharideens, please lean back!

Last week, reports said that 81 people were mauled by Fulani herdsmen in Benue. We didn’t get as little as “body language” from our Boss down here in response to that. Rather, our president, Muhammadu Buhari took the opportunity to assure us by tweeting #CowLivesMatterMore, basically, while donning camo few days later in Zamfara.

(Maybe I missed it, if any major actionable response was given by the Presidency to the latest Fulani killings, point it to me please – Kindly underline “actionable“).

You know the sadly-funny thing, some Adesina or some Shehu will get teary just now, and release a solidarity press release for the latest terror killings in France, on behalf of the Presidency, condemning the killings in (cliché alert) “strongest terms”.

Sad, sad, SAD day again in the world.

I spit spittle on these cowardly terrorists that keep wrecking havoc on life. Tueh!

I spit spittle on anyone every bigot or racist out there, who choose to be blinded to the fugacity of life and how it should be lived in reciprocal peace.


I spit phlegm on the proud failures and kings of hypocrisy outta Aso Rock. The devil take you and your kin.

#StillPlaying: Lucky Dube – Crazy World

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