OAU Sex-For-Marks Pest Prof Akindele and Nigerians Endorsing Abuse of Authority


Professor Akindele, an Obafemi Awolowo University lecturer of accounting, a self-acclaimed man of God, and a habitual offender when it comes to sex-for-marks has been caught out finally on audio. A young lady recorded him asking her for five goes at “fiki-faka” in order to pass her. Not to give her an A; just to pass her:


The Nigerian issue is more of a situation where we subtly endorse our own suffering. In one of my group chats yesterday, Nigerians who have run away from Nigerian Academia were busy empathising with the Prof. Akindele who purportedly demanded for sex.

They said the girl may have been the one who seduced the man. That he even sounded reluctant to demand for five times of sex.

They said now that the girl has ruined the man’s life, what is her gain? They conveniently forgot all the girls and families whose lives had been ruined by Prof Akindele and monsters like him.

One of Prof Akindele’s advocates said that he simply made an offer and the girl had a choice to accept or reject it. This coming from someone who ran to South Africa to study and was even given an opportunity to tutor there.

Imagine if the University of Pretoria had also been hiring student tutors based on sexual favours. Seriously, there is something wrong with a large population of Nigerians; I am not apologetic about this. When I crossed the threshold out of the country was when I realised that I may have been raised in a system that dampens you normal human reasoning and replaces it with perennial insanity.

A lecturer is employed as an agent of a University and he cannot or should not be selling marks for sex. No one says lecturers must not have sex but they must not abuse their position of authority.

The University is neither a prostitution ring nor a brothel. If this simple logic does not work for you, then just realize that there is something wrong somewhere.

The girl is a student who failed. Anybody can fail and anybody could be sexually attracted to their students. The problem is when you create a doctor, engineer or lawyer because they had sex with you. You create a system as flawed as your morals. If she genuinely failed, then you have released someone into the general public to build bridges or mend body parts when they are UNQUALIFIED TO DO SO.

If you failed her just so you could have sex with her, then you have created a generation that believe they can exchange favours for progress.

Pffftttttt. And yet we say the government is the problem.

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