What is the offence of the female body?


You know I’ve been wondering lately: What is the offence of the female body?

A man posts up a picture of himself topless or perhaps wearing a tight fitting top that shows every ripple and sinew and he is soundly praised for his physique (there might be one or two “nay” voices, but the praise mostly outweighs them). But a woman does the same and she is condemned and called all sorts of names, accused of seeking attention and her worth is called into question?

What is the offence of the female body?

Some say it is a deviation from cultural norms. Okay but my questions are:

  • Why is this particular cultural norm in place?
  • Of what benefit is it?
  • How exactly does it promote wholesome living?
  • If the image of a topless lady is lewd and destructive then why isn’t a topless man seen in the same light?

Some say it is a sin against God. Okay, but for those who would use their bibles, may I point out that the scriptures made no distinction between female and male nudity? And so when you point to ladies being topless as being sinful, you should also be doing the same to men as well. After all in the bible, it is written that in the beginning, they were both naked and unashamed.

Some say the female body is a stumbling block that will lead men to ‘fall’. But I wonder, is the male body not sexually desirable as well? Is the sight of an attractive topless man not an arousing image? It is. And since it is, are we then saying that the female soul is not worth protecting?

I personally find the above view to be quite odious and dehumanising as it reduces men to creatures of instinct who have no self control and must be managed lest they go wild. Yeesh.

Why isn’t a man’s worth called into question when he displays his body for all to see? Are we saying that a man is more than his body but a woman is merely skin? Hmmmmm…

Look, to each their own. If you are conservative, have it to yourself but I only ask that you not swallow what is tagged “culture” or “doctrine” hook, line and fishing boots.

Both are made to be examined and questioned. If we don’t, how can we possibly move forward in anything?

Well those are my thoughts. What are yours? Kindly let me know as I want to learn.

I shut up now.

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