Here is One Thing Your Business Can’t Do Without.


What do you do when you get home from work or from an outing? Do you take off your shoes or do you put your keys away first.  If you study yourself or family members, you will be amazed at how we unconsciously carry out these little rituals every day.  It shows that we are creatures of habits and all these little actions form part of our daily systems.

We all have those days when routine flies out of the window.  Believe me I have had a few of them lately. But one thing that has saved me during those lazy days is the systems I have put in place to help me run my business when I do not feel like doing anything.  I don’t need to think of what to do all the time because my systems do the thinking for me.

Do You Have Efficient Business Systems?

In business, systems are important.  I am not referring to computers and IT infrastructure but the things you do on a daily basis to move your business forward. Those seemingly insignificant tasks must be done to ensure your business stays afloat.

Systems are nothing more than a planned series of steps taken to achieve your goals. Systems make business, and life, a bit easier. In business, they simplify things so you can focus on what’s important – money and growth.  Do you have a checklist of what you need to do to bring your idea to life? Are you following a series of steps to help you actualise your next big dream?

Do you know what to outsource in your business? Do you know the next thing you need to do after a customer places an order? Do you have a checklist you follow at the beginning/end of every month? How do you respond to enquiries? Do you have a 48 or 72 hour response time. Do you have an automated system that responds to every enquiry via your website or email portal? Do you have standard emails you send out in the interim to acknowledge whoever contacted you?

All these little actions form part of the business systems you need to have in place to run an efficient business.

How to Create Systems:

So how do you create your own business systems? It’s a multi-step process:

Evaluate the roles within your business

Define and document each task and the resources required for them

Create checklists to ensure tasks are properly completed

Outsource task as required

To learn more and to start using effective systems in your business, click here to download the FREE How to Develop Efficient Business Systems Template.

I wish you abundant blessings.

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