Press Release: Nigerian Lives Matter (NLM) on Xenophobic Attacks in South Africa


Nigerian Lives Matter (NLM) Strongly Condemns the Recent Attacks on Non-South African Nationals in Pretoria, South Africa.

It has become a consistent position where the identity “foreigner” is accompanied with apprehension on every street corner in South Africa. Attacks have been launched out at Nigerian communities based on false claims about the death of a taxi driver, Jabu Baloyi, who was allegedly shot and killed.

The family and authorities still claim to be in the dark about this occurrence and the circumstances surrounding his death. Yet, this has not stopped the mass hostilities displayed.

We at Nigerian Lives Matter, condemn in its entirety, the attacks on foreigners including Nigerians living in Pretoria and its environs. We unequivocally denounce this as ‘un-African’. We call on the elders, the wise and patient leaders whom have always been the distinguishing mark of Africa, to see this as a call to redefine the struggle.

The death of one African resulting from black hatred is a slap on Africa’s face. It is symbolic to spitting on everything our fathers fought for. We Nigerians are a peace-loving people whose industrious nature brings with it, wealth, prosperity and love to every society we find ourselves in.

We are not unaware of criminal elements in our communities and we are ever willing to support South Africa as we eradicate such elements. However, we appeal to the good conscience of South Africa that the killings and hatred must end.

Being a foreigner in Africa must not become an unwelcome thing. If we all hide away in our corners of the world, then we are divided. Divided, we will most definitely fall, and the fall will be greater than that which our fathers suffered. United, we will stand to build an Africa we can boast about


Signed: Oladeji Jonathan D.

(Public Relations, Nigerian Lives Matter)

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