Relationship Musings: Saying Love vs Doing Love


It doesn’t matter how many times you tell your partner you love them,  if they don’t feel loved by you,  those words won’t mean anything to them. Saying Love without Doing Love is ultimately worthless.

It’s easier to tell someone you love them,  anyone can say that.  A lot of people say that even with lips filled with lies,  but showing your partner love,  and getting them to feel loved,  there lies the job.

Love is about actions over words. I don’t need to be told daily, I need to feel our closeness, our oneness. Words are just that, words! Actions, a gentle squeeze on my shoulder, an encouraging word, and desire to hang out with me, those mean far more than anything he can say.

love by doing 2 (Relationship Musings: Saying Love vs Doing Love)

When you say I love you and mean it,  you back it up with actions your partner feels it, FEELS LOVED.

When your partner feels loved,  you don’t need to say it,  they just know you do. That’s where you hear some partners say to the other “Thanks For Loving Me The Way You Do”. They might not always say the ‘I Love You” term, but they show they love them.

Love is a noun,  but it’s more of an action word… Love is a doing word.

The beauty of love is in the doing and not just the saying.

Spend time showing your partner you love them and making them feel loved,  than you spend telling them you love them.

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