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Patience Ozokwor shares how she abandoned a man she loves for...

It's kinda weird reading about the 'popular Nigerian wicked mother's love life, is it? But, it's not; if you think about it. She's only human...

Why You Keep Making The Wrong Choices In Relationships

Most of us have, at some point, been in love with someone who wasn’t good for us, and to us. Some have been in...

Be careful who you choose to be in a relationship with

It's not enough to choose a partner because of their individual qualities, how those qualities are translated to your relationship with that person should...

Don’t chase money and lose what really matters

Chasing money My friend, a Ghanaian came to visit me yesterday. He was married in Ghana with two children, but got divorced shortly before he...

The Chemistry of Love Itself (II)

In The Chemistry of Love Itself (I) we came to an understanding that our brains are wired to find love, to connect, to fall,...

The Chemistry of Love Itself (I)

Love is as close as human beings can come to being selfless. We would choose to make sacrifices in acts of love. We would...

Love, and 5 Letters

Love is pretty heavy, isn't it? And Trust? It is a lot lighter, but somehow carries much more weight. I understand that without trust you...

Are You in Love Or in Need?

There’s a difference between being ‘in love’ and being ‘in need.’ We verbally claim our love for our partner and believe to feel this emotion...

Why you can live with being vulnerable..

“What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful.” – Brene Brown Many people feel that vulnerability is a weakness. Some believe it is a liability. “You...

Ogbeni stop trying to change her!

Stop trying to change her! This is a lot of guys who stress a woman about dating/marriage then want to "change her" when she says...