Remember that time Kanye lost his mind? No, not that time, the other time. No, the time before that…


Yeye dey smell somewhere and it ain’t with me. Our Big Uncle in melodrama and meltdown land has started again. If you are guessing Uncle Kanye West by now, then your mama born you well.

Just some weeks ago this uncle got into a twitter spat with Wiz Khalifa because he thought that one mentioned his wife’s name and it was a very long soap opera.  Then Amber Rose hopped in with talk about anal play and well…the less said about that, the better, quite frankly.

Now he is trending on Twitter but not for his music. It’s another ‘M’.  M for madness. Kanye started last week with a fashion show and made Taylor Swift all angry at him again. Why? Because he had to call her a bitch and say he made her famous in his new song ‘Famous’.

Seems the gods Taylor serves didn’t like that very much and decided to teach our Uncle a lesson or she consulted her babalawo, and they say WHOM THE GODS WILL destroy, THEY FIRST MAKE MAD. And Yeezy is madder than most.

Kanye started having a bad weekend when his co writer, rhymefest  quit on him and took to social media to say the rapper needs help and counselling and should step away from the public.

Apparently Uncle Kanye didn’t see that one or he saw and decided to ignore and while everyone was booing and baeing on Valentine, Uncle came to Twitter to ask Mark Zuckerberg to invest a billion dollars in his ideas (Because you are who???? Fear GOD Kanye).

He also revealed that he was 53 million dollars in personal debt. Kanye didn’t send anybody oh and shamelessly appealed to the public to appeal Zuckerberg on his behalf. He also said he is this generation’s Disney (Pocahontas says YOU LIE). It got funny when he said Mark would rather build one school in Africa like he helped the country, really? So Kanye as an African American with his exposure doesn’t know that Africa is a continent and not a country. Odiegwu.

You know what? Here is the madness in technicolour. We could paste the tweets in any order and it would still make perfect sense because…Kanye:



With all these shenanigans, one is left to wonder what is really happening to him. Is it the talked about Kardashian curse or this is just natural Kanye super midlife crisis? All these rants and drama that he seems to attract is really cause for concern (not mine oh, it’s for aunt kimmy and the babies).

Also, how come he is in debt like that? Wetin he use him money do? All the shopping and gifts they are always giving to each other Na wetin chop the money be dat? Actually, ‘Ye explains that one too:

Okay now why does Mark have to help him? Na him papa ni? You contribute one dollar to Mark before? If Mark wants to build a hundred schools in Africa how e concern Kanye? Who Kanye don epp?

Telling us he can make the world a better place. The chance and money he had and still has, what has he done to make an impact in the world or at least in his immediate backyard? Other than to paint graffiti of “I Love You, Kim” on his house, wetin again? Can of paint – $9.99. Where is the rest of the money Yeezy??!

Aunty Kim, please talk to your boo and find out what is going on in that head of his. If na you dey cause am, stop am abeg, ees tew mush lately.

I hope he fights his demons and gets the help he needs and stay off social media for a long while (I mean two decades at least) and he should get the right people around him because Lord knows this brother needs help.

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