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I go talk am as I see am but I promise you will like it. Anything you see, take it like that, but you will see lots of wonderful things. Living her own personal telenovela.

There is a certain type of giver that I absolutely detest!

There is a hierarchy to my hatred. I don't just hate things and people anyhow. Next to murderers, rapists, paedophiles, kidnappers, armed  robbers, terrorists and people who can’t use the ATM but won’t ask for...

Them condom Usain Bolts! Excuses men give to avoid using a condom

Lawrence: I know we just started dating but I think I would really like to have sex now. Bridget: (after initial shakara): okay nah show for room, hope you get condom sha Lawrence: for what nah? Bridget: for protection...

The Redeemed Christian Church of God, the temple, and the den of thieves

It’s been a while I wrote something, and why? You can’t write when you are hungry. In this harsh economy, I have not been spared. Everyone seems to have been hit hard except The...

RUN and live! Domestic violence and staying alive

I once watched a goat being slaughtered. That day I realised that fear and a sense of self-preservation is a near tangible thing. With no background information, formal education, and possibly very little to live...

The growing wave of Nigerian women who refuse to be silenced

I am sure several articles have been written over and over again about Tiwa Savage and her soon to be ex-husband's marital issues. The reactions have gone from blaming him to blaming her and...

When Nigerian women confuse ignorance with virtue

Sometimes you will be trying to mind your business and not do aproko on some people's matter but evil winds will just blow amebo into your ears and you have no choice but to give...

Benue State, Bad Makurdi Weed, and the Ozone Layer

Someone must have sold some bad weed to the internal revenue service of Benue State, why else in this hard perilous times will they choose to collect tax yearly for generator?? Can you just imagine...

Dear adults, stop trying to sex these kids!!

Dear adult men, teachers, neighbours, school administrators, big uncles, youth corpers etc! As long as you are an adult man I do not want to know if a girl opens your mouth and forces her...

Bank fraud? Why you should be more scared of your bank

We all know there are different ways of stealing money in this country. Whether it’s a 9-year-old boy stealing ₦100 from his mother’s purse, or a 60-year-old pot bellied uncle finding ways to embezzle more...

Toh. Boko Haram killed everyone; is now starving in a food crisis of its...

So according to several news media outlets, Boko Haram are in a food crisis of their own making. This means, in the language we all understand, dem dey hungry. Reports say dozens of emaciated looking...