Student or prostitute? Our female uni students need to get their priorities straight – Ugonna Ufere


There is a video doing the rounds of a fracas between a man and a female university student. He picked her up from the front of her university, obviously wanting to have a nice time with her. As he tried to drop her back off in front of her school the next day, he gave her N1000 and this is where the problem started. She insisted that her “money” was N20,000, and refused to get down from the car. Needless to say, a crowd gathered, offering all sorts of advice:

Our girls in Universities now trend for giving sex for money. And causing a scene when recompense is not commensurate. And they’ll continue to do so. Because they know most people will blame the customers that didn’t pay them well.

“Why didn’t he pay her complete money?”
“He doesn’t have money, why have an erection?”
“It’s not fair after all the “work” she did”

Some even conclude with #menarescum 🙄😒

Some might want to go deeper with the sympathy card: “But how would you feel if it were your daughter? In other words, you’re asking me how would I, Ugonna Ufere, feel if my daughter were paid only N1,000 for sex instead of N20,000??? And you believe those are the kind of kids I’m raising? Just negodu 😐

Truth is a lot of people commending the lady in that shameful video would probably not want to engage her for a decent job when she’s done with school, on account of that incident. Is it not us again?

My worry is now about what society chooses to demonise or celebrate. That young lady should be in school reading her books and not looking for who will give her N20k for sex. These university girls don’t know contentment anymore and would rather live ostentatiously. That’s the major problem. 😖😖😖


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