The final diagnosis on the #SaveMayowa debacle? Linda Ikeji is a goat.


Mayowa Ahmed is ill. Very ill. That much we know. But even as we praised the #SaveMayowa campaign, here came the doubters, the naysayers and Linda Ikeji.

The campaign was a scam! She has already been told that she is dying! The family defrauded thousands of sympathetic Nigerians!

No, there is a chance of a second opinion if she is flown abroad! The family did not defraud anybody. They don’t have the time to be defending all these allegations; they’re meant to be at the embassy doing embassy tinz!

And so the fire raged on. A fire that was started because…Linda Ikeji needed a new handbag, I guess. Or perhaps a new gate in front of which to get her sister to take pictures. I dunno.

There was no rumour, no problem. An astounding amount of money had been raised and everybody went back to their daily business of pricing tomatoes and complaining about Buhari. I mean, that’s enough to keep anyone occupied to be honest.

Next thing we knew, Ms Ikeji claimed that the entire thing was a farce. She claimed that the family knew that the end was nigh for Mayowa Ahmed and used the #SaveMayowa hashtag to secure funds.

When two elephants fight, it is the ground that suffers

Mayowa Ahmed’s family members were apprehended and interrogated. Toyin Aimakhu, one of the main leaders of the campaign, damn near lost her mind. She cried and gnashed her teeth at the possibility of being a pawn in a Yahoo Yahoo of mammoth proportions (is it called Verizon Verizon now? Heeheehee! Anyway, back to regular programming).


While all of this happened, the poor patient was aware. I can’t imagine what must have happened to her BP, her already-fragile health as Linda Ikeji spewed her insensitive filth to try and increase traffic.

While Linda tried to fill up column inches and clutch at the ever-cooling embers of her fame and relevance, Mayowa was exposed to the wrath of Nigerians who felt swindled. Reporters tried to get into the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) to question her. Instagram heard “wheeen” due to Toyin Aimakhu’s antics. All news that would have been reaching the poor lady.

It’s a wonder Linda’s plan to kill off the #SaveMayowa campaign and indeed, to kill off the Mayowa herself did not happen.

Possibly the best thing we saw today that finally summarises Linda Ikeji’s personality and her involvement in this whole case is this gem of a sentence from a commentator:

Not until I see the video [proof] because this Linda or what do they call her name is sometimes useless

Cancer is an expensive illness to manage, whether you are treating it or merely trying to offer the patient some comfort in their last days. I dare say Ms Ahmed (and indeed, her family) will need every penny of that money in the coming months. I do not believe the Ahmed family members were browsing the internet for a Caribbean cruise while their sister laid up sick in bed.

You want to feel good? Do good.

The main reason why we covered this story – the large heart of the average Nigerian even in the face of adversity – is the main reason why the fallout from Linda’s story was so hard-hitting. Would Nigerians ever help again if they heard someone was in distress? If what Linda claimed was true, what would happen to sympathy in that country? The consequences would have been dire.

But look, this is one of the reasons why it is important to give from the heart and then forget about it. You cannot give to a homeless person and then wonder if he is doing drugs with your money. You cannot spend time comforting a mentally-unstable person and then wonder if it is alcohol that made them so.


Be the change you want to see

If you want more control over your charity, then control your charity.

Try hunkering down next to a homeless person one day and TALKING TO HIM/HER. Just say “Hey, I’m going into that shop, can I get you something?” I swear the reaction you will get will warm the cockles of your heart. Far more satisfying than throwing 50p at him and thinking that will secure your place in heaven.

You see Mama Chinedu the pepper grinder on your street? Whose son IK is always playing in the dirt near the gutter? You can put that child in school. You’d be surprised how little your local Je le o sinmi (razz primary school) charges as monthly/termly school fees. It’s probably less than you blow on a movie date with popcorn and then shawarma and Cold Stone ice-cream later.

I’m not saying anyone did wrong (except Linda Ikeji. She totally did wrong. She’s a heartless goat).


Furthermore, I hope the next time, you hear of someone in need, you do it all over again. Because the story never changed. Mayowa is desperately ill and will need not just your money but your prayers also.

But, should you find yourself feeling bad about this whole thing…if it has left a sour taste in your mouth or made you feel even the tiniest bit of regret, then please do not let the experience stop you from giving. Simply change the way you give.

Every little helps.

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  • The problem with this story for me is that no doctor will treat a sickler on stage 4 terminal cancer. There is no treatment plan for that . It is just pallative care left …. surely the family should have been informed that. She wont even able to survive the flight or be given a medical fit to fly …I am not even concerned about scam or no scam what i question is if a doctor would agree to put her body through that stress at a terminal stage. No doctor . Not even naija with our jaga jaga.

    • Efe I totally agree with you. The family should have known this. My only thought is hope. Maybe they believed that they could get some hope with international care. The way sicklers are looked after here is different. However, stage 4 is terminal and even if the person Na AA sef, there’s little that can be done. What I wonder is the hospital wherever that gave them hope. Anyway, nothing God can’t do.

    • Hope is all Nigerians live on. You live in a wooden house and you hope the next wind won’t blow away your roof. You lost a limb in an accident and you hope it’ll grow back cos someone mentioned a miracle pastor. A doctor probably gave then hope and they hung on tight. That’s who we are. Hope is the reason we are not yet having a civil war. We hope, we believe ‘e go better’

    • Henrietta Isimeme Ebofuale – no more to add, really. HOPE! And what else is there? If a doctor told any of us “Sorry, your mother has passed” as in DIED o, wouldn’t we say “Abeg, doctor enter house go check that pulse again” or “Abeg carry my mama give me. Na quack you be. Dead ke??”

      That is probably what happened here. For as long as she is still breathing, they are trying all they can. They possibly never expected the outcome to be N30m. They just tried to raise whatever they could. That Nigeria wey even bandage, you get to go find the “original because fake full market”?? Cancer is EXPENSIVE, bless them. 🙁

    • There are clinical trials and methods to treat stage 4 cancer…she can be treated on consent, buh like you said not in or nija jaga…..on the issue of it being a scam, it almost impossible 4 any1 to affirm it was…linda is gradually putting off her light, she makes derogatory comments abt pple with alsolute no confirmation. .she has to fix that, or she’ll lose alot of pple

    • Question is Did or did Emory Hospital not request that the SICKLE CELL patient be brought for treatment of OVARIAN CANCER STAGE 4? The answer to that question tells us whether this is a SCAM!…which I still believe it is

    • Hmnm…..
      1st i will pray for Mayowa coz i believe its only God miracle dat can happen hre… 2ndly… I pray dat none of us will experience dis.

      In my own little opinion… Linda ikeji or nt…
      Why ppl r saying truly dis issues is a scam is bcz LUTH dint diagnose for cancer…. I read d article on LUTH report… Dey said she was admitted d same day dey started d campaign for Mayowa… N d family came in with text n scan reports from other hospital which dey were told to go for further examinations which d family members av nt done yet bt dey kept insisting dat dey want to fly her abroad… Maybe dey av been told in d other hospital dat dre is no hope again bt dey r willing to try…

      I pity dem coz its nt easy to treat n take care of a sick person….. Scam or no scam… Lets just leave dem Abeg cox me don tire for dis issue already bt for stage 4 cancer n a sickler… Trust me oyinbo sef no see am do… I follow cancer stories on fb… Its scary n painful, u av to be very strong n fat to sustain d harsh processing treatment…. D hair will fall off, lips n body will pill off, d person will be in comma for days after transfusion…. D urine will turn at a stage, she will be on light food n roller d most tymz…. I doubt 30m will be enough sef… Fir all d expenses…. May God help us all oo

    • You can talk that way because you may never have lost a close relative or friend to terminal illness. Pple who have any hardly give up on their close one who have it. Even when doctors knows, they don’t tell d patient, neither do they totally fine up as long as d patient is breathing. Some who have been given up on miraculously recovered. Even few privileged ones who have been deposited in d morgue have miraculously come to life. I don’t pray you have it neither my enemies. Pls. When it comes to issues like this, one can’t afford to be sarcastic.

  • I concur! Unless people have been through it they have no idea! And that Linda ..🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 she should understand that this is not a matter for gossip and the need to verify allegations prior to publishing.

    On a side note @ ‘needed a new handbag or gate for her sister to take pictures of her ‘ 🙈🙈🙈💀💀💀😂😂😂😂😂😂 I flatlined, dead and was resurrected 😭😭😭😭👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾 why are you like this ?

  • This is heartless from Linda Ikeji. However the money raised shouldn’t go to the family or any of the actors involved in fundraising. The money shouldn’t be handled by these people as their integrity is called into question now.

  • Most Nigeria news are mostly created by some people out of being bored and lazy. I implore us to get to the root of the matter. It is not compulsory that facts should be from both parties alone, if they are externals involved like in this #save mayowa case like the hospital official, passport office and so on, we should get theirs too. I pray God heal the lady and those taking advantage of her situations, God should forgive them.

  • But wait o, Even patients with normal genotype don’t have a chance with stage 4 Ovarian cancer…let alone an individual who has a genotype which is not so suitable for any form of cancer treatment…Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, or even surgery… Where the heck did they get their American medical report from??

  • Shut up!!!! Ur trying to promote ur blog.b4 linda ikeji posted d gossip,,,wasn’t it the actress who notified her??? Y u guys deviating from the truth????everybody na shouting Linda ikeji,,,,how is it her fault???? D actress was d one who created an awareness for dz fund stuff.and she was d one who still raised an stop saying rubbish here

  • I don’t support evil, dis blogger should also get her facts. Naija. Com also released a news from d pro in Luth hospital stating, they never referred them, d family just chose to try their luck and we understand. So directly or indirectly they scamed. They should have been honest and be grateful to d kind hearted actress who was able to raise money within 72hours for them through kind spirited Nigerian s. Than saying all kind malicious things against the actress like she was drunk and so no. Let’s be guided by our conduct in case of next time

  • If they keep accusing the poor woman and if toyin herself says she is a scam then the joke is on her.. U are a celebrity with an image to protect . Do u want to tell thousands of Nigerians that before ure campaign u never went to see the doctor managing the case. Bcuz I have seen videos of u in luth. So are u telling us that u never consulted her doctor … wow. Pls if truly there is no cure let mayowa return the money to the campaign manager so she can see her God with some little bit of dignity and pride. Kai.. its so hurtful what is been done to the poor lady. Pls Nigerians let us not stop showing our love to this poor lady bcuz of wicked bloggers who will say anything for money.pls this people will not scam Nigerians and expose their identity to the public. If the cancer doesn’t kill her this alone will kill her with speed. U have no idea the crazy pain that woman is in .mayowa may God strengthen u.

  • If only she believes in God, she won’t die. The Lord has a way of turning little shots to a big shots in a short time. Take her to the man of God prophet TB Joshua. Please pass on till it gets to Mayowa’s family

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