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Lagos-Ibadan Expressway – Fashola, How Far?

....the potholes and the largely eczematous portions are so bad they can abort the pregnancy of a commuter in the third trimester;.....it's clear that...

Ministerial Portfolios out! Fashola named ‘Thor’, and women still considered masters...

Last week, Viva Naija's espied ministerial portfolio pointed Babatunde Fashola as the minister for Power; well, we weren't far from right as the official...

Ministerial Appointees get portfolios?

Ocholi as Justice, Fashola as Power?....hmmn Leak, breaking news, or surebanker?? Hmmn, we can authoritatively say we can't but deem this as speculation.....But, unconfirmed sources report...

So, Fashola spoke well, Okay. What’s next?

The social media is too euphoric, most times, unnecessarily. Yesterday, as the former Governor of Lagos state, Babatunde Fashola schooled our Nigerian Senators with his...