So, Fashola spoke well, Okay. What’s next?



The social media is too euphoric, most times, unnecessarily.

Yesterday, as the former Governor of Lagos state, Babatunde Fashola schooled our Nigerian Senators with his prescient answers and with oration in the Order of Hermes during his ministerial screening, social media got awash with viral adulation.

There is absolutely no doubt that Fashola is a brilliant man who has almost all it takes to lead, but, this potpourri of adulation social media hauled at his performance at the screening keeps giving us away to the political class as “toss-able” and superficial populace.

It’s not bad at all that a percentage of Nigerians got giddy seeing a Minister-to-be deliver answers with that amount of sagacity, but, as a Nation that as suffered a lot of retrogression in this nascent democracy, we as a people should be able to recognize that we are at a place where our reaction(s) to any political appointment should suggest our eagerness for growth and performance, more than an outpouring of vaporisable euphoria all over the media.

Source: Lukesh Photography
Source: Lukesh Photography

The fact remains a largely arguable one that the achievements of brilliant Fash as the Lagos state Governor are rated average, (some critics even say, below average); and according to figures, the so-called achievements aren’t even commensurate with his level of brilliance and with the revenue made in Lagos during his 8-year tenure.

Be that as it may, I believe the time of talk is over, and shouldn’t even have been given a chance to happen if we were utterly serious with growth; now, Fashola and all his Ministerial colleagues, including the “bow and go” ones, must practically perform with palpable passion

Time to say ‘No’ to atavistic non-performance!

Fashola, especially, judging by the truth that he is undoubtedly and actually capable and consummate, should be ready this time to beat the bottlenecks of politicking, atavism, and corruption for the sake of nationhood. He must do far far better than Lagos with any ministerial portfolio he is eventually given.


I know for sure, that there’s a group of governance-thirsty, performance-pitched Nigerians though, who are no longer swayed with highfalutin words, and are waiting with their pitchforks to pounce hard when all we get as a nation from these crops of new leaders are the usual platitudes.

May Nigeria get great again.

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