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Saturday, June 25, 2022
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Naira drops to N364/$ in parallel market

The naira, Thursday, depreciated to N364 per dollar in the parallel market, thus ending its eight day stability against the United States currency in...

Naira Strengthens To N435/$ On CBN Dollar

Economy pundits keep weaving different tunes to this steady and week-long Naira rise against the Dollar, but to the average businessman and most entrepreneurs...

Buhari, Emefiele, move to “crash the dollar”, sign landmark currency deal...

I would have preferred a heading which says "Emefiele moves to stabilising the Naira" rather than crashing the Dollar. Although Nigeria depends on imports...

mazi abe’s side: The reality behind the falling naira

♫ Whether you like or you no like, after your hear this true talk ♫ - Fela Kuti. All this shouting about Naira falling, Naira 350...