mazi abe’s side: The reality behind the falling naira


♫ Whether you like or you no like, after your hear this true talk ♫ – Fela Kuti.

All this shouting about Naira falling, Naira 350 to Dollar blah blah blah…it’s just panic noise.

I admit I only managed to pass my O’level economics, but I am a realist, not an Economist. What were we expecting, when we had an economy that was leaking money faster than Fayose and his diarrhoea mouth?

The brutal truth is: as Jonathan and the forty thieves were raiding the Central Bank by night, Ngozi Onigele was shoring up the leaking economy with World Bank loans and IMF stranglers by day.

Giving Nigerians a false sense of security while they mortgaged the country away to foreign lenders.

Do you think it is a coincidence that as soon as that skinny, ugly looking, fraud indicted IMF chief….whats that her name now?…came visiting and Buhari shooed her off with a “No thank you, we don’t need your loan”, the Naira started tumbling?

Why do you think immediately their Mortgage agent, Ngozi Iweala was kicked out of office, the World Bank quickly gave her a top position, despite all the damning stories?

It is to reward her for a job well done!

Yes, I agree we should stop pointing fingers and get on with Nation building.

But that is what Buhari is doing now.

Of course Naira must fall and meets its realistic level.

How many Nigerians deal in Dollars? It is the bloody big men. The ones that want to import toothpick and condoms. The ones that send their shildrens abroad.

The ones that would rather go and treat their làpàlàpà in a London hospital than build hospitals at home.

Any price increase in the price of tomato and pure water is artificial. It will come down eventually or at worst, stabilise. It is a price worth paying for a stable, viable and prosperous economy.

I hope someone shows this to Sai Baba when he comes visiting again next week.

Have a good weekend.


Mazi abe idris © rights reserved 2016

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