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Beyonce, Historic in Vogue!

Do you remember a world before Beyoncé?? I barely do. The talented singer and dancer as we know her to be, has been in our...

The Insecurities That Make You A Prisoner

A little while back, I got struck and stuck with a gripping and eye-opening thought during a conversation with a friend about the underlying...

Why You Keep Making The Wrong Choices In Relationships

Most of us have, at some point, been in love with someone who wasn’t good for us, and to us. Some have been in...

The Ending Is Everything, Plan All The Way To It.

Sometimes I want to run so far away, desperate for ease, peace, a win. I run too far, so undeniably careless, that I lose myself,...

Supporting The Ambitious Woman In Your Life

Women are very attention seeking, especially when they do not have their hands full with work. But don't be fooled, that ambitious women would...

Which way, Nigeria?

I was born into the light of day with a breath of life so precious they pinched me to scream. The scars still here not as deep as...

The Older You Get, The More You Hate Everyone

My zodiac sign gives me out as kind, gentle and a lover of beauty, harmony and peace. However, in the effort to keep everyone...

6 things every woman should know about flirting with men

There's just something about a woman flirting with a man that doesn't quite well fit into most of the present lifestyles of females in...


A month and half, since she had last picked up her phone calls to talk to anyone. Yawning away bad breath and sleep, she stretched...

The Chemistry of Love Itself (II)

In The Chemistry of Love Itself (I) we came to an understanding that our brains are wired to find love, to connect, to fall,...