A month and half, since she had last picked up her phone calls to talk to anyone.

Yawning away bad breath and sleep, she stretched and pulled herself off the bed that now had a deep hollow, the exact size of her in it.

Njideka smiled at Shuaib, who smiled back with grey-painted teeth mirroring his thumbs up.

He yelled something in Hausa to her, but she didn’t understand, so she responded with a laugh that threw her head backwards.

She walked on, headed to the gym to stretch out her bones and release her now stiff muscles.

She made a self joke to smile, showing off her now clean teeth, but only managed a weak one, aware that she was not on an empty road, as quiet as it was.

Her breasts lifting up with a heavy sigh, she vowed that she would get there.

She would feel better.

She would be happy again.

Then, she thought of Ameze.

She thought of the humiliation Ameze must have felt when she made it clear to her that she wasn’t interested in her, and would never be.

She had pushed Ameze away in rage, when she tried to kiss her again into submission.

Imagine the nerve!

It still annoyed her to think that Ameze had kept those lustful feelings and intentions towards her, from her all these years, having let her believe her love for the manhood was incomparable.

She had been bare to her in body, mind, and soul.

Oh! How lecherous and wet she must have been.

She cringed in disgust, and avoided the pot hole that now lay a few feet away.

She wasn’t ready to talk to Ameze yet. She needed time away from her, at least for a while.

She looked at her phone then, half expecting to see a text message or missed call from Mike, telling her how much he missed her, and needed to see her.

Mike remained amiss!

It was quite obvious he didn’t miss her.

He didn’t want her any more.

He had made that painfully clear, while his hands passionately caressed the naked girl he had once told her was his financial advisor at his office.

Her heart sank, pounding heavily with ache.

She pushed open the door of the gym then, and walked in, head high, a cute smile plastered on her face.

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