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Saturday, May 28, 2022
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Buhari to inaugurate Nigeria’s first seven-star hotel

It's sad.. So sad that of all the things going on in Nigeria, this is our President’s second utmost priority right now, with the...

Chimamanda Adichie tackles Hillary Clinton over Twitter bio

We respect Chimamanda as a feminist, we respect all she has accomplished, and who she is. But as Barbara Bush rightly said, it doesn't...

PDP slams President over “unpatriotic” comment about Nigerian youths

It was not so long ago that our foster father, President Buhari made a statement about us, Nigerians, basically saying to the rest of...

Dele Momodu Laundry Services – Specialists in washing and packaging of...

Abeg, make we leave story! Any Public Relations corporation or outfit, no matter all the effizi or logo, na wash wash services company. Even if it is...