Dele Momodu Laundry Services – Specialists in washing and packaging of dirty linen


Abeg, make we leave story! Any Public Relations corporation or outfit, no matter all the effizi or logo, na wash wash services company.

Even if it is a one-man business, as long as he/she is in the business of Public Relations, it is a wash, spread, dry, iron, package and deliver operational business. Gbam!

Dele-Momodu wash

We are not talking about Friday, the washer-man and your dirty skirt or sokoto o.

These ones, na the public image of  person, group of people, companies etc, dem dey wash. Even church sef, dem fit wash am.

No matter how dirty, rotten, smelly or condemnable your public image is, a PR company is always available to offer their services, to clean and launder that image.

In Nigeria, the political class is so rotten and smelly, they usually require an image laundry specialist to clean up their mess. As the Yoruba adage goes “the insect that eats the vegetable lives inside the vegetable.”

Dele Momodu and Alison Madueke Diezani


And so, up steps Dele Momodu, our very own Bros Bob Dee.

The beauty of Bob Dee’s services is: the dirtier, the better. Remember that street slang, “Ki lo ba de? (what’s the price tag on it?)” As long as there is a juicy price tag, let’s go there!

His political clients list would make boxing PR guru, Don King, drool from his big mouth. Deziani, Rotimi Amaechi, Akpabio – the list goes on.

Even Buhari, during the electioneer campaigns. YES O!

And now, he has caught another dirty big fish: Bukola Saraki.

Many pundits are surprised that after the Diezani PR disaster, Saraki would even dare consider such a smarmy character as Bob Dee, but hey! What choice does a drowning man have other than to clutch on to straws?

The biggest joke on social media over the weekend was the purported exchange of letters between Saraki and Ogbeni Dele Momodu. What an entertainment in mumu-ism!

Dele writes “Your Excellency, bla bla bla.”  Saraki replies, “My dear brother Dele, bla bla bla bla.”

Oshisko!…. who does not know the baby trick of putting meat in the mouth and making it disappear? Shiorrr.

Of course, it has become obvious to all and sundry, that Bob Dee wrote both letters! All na wash wash, and it is laughable that Saraki has been conned into thinking Nigerians will not see through the charade.

After the reggae, play the blues.

Bukola, don’t forget o! When you are settling the invoice, make the crossed cheque payable  to  “Bobo Dee Washing Ltd.”


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