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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Grammy award-winning jazz, R&B, pop legend Al Jarreau passes at 76

Al Jarreau was music personified. the seven-time Grammy Award-winning singer lived for his art and we lived for his music. This jazz legend has gone...

MUSIC – Ric Hassani: a truly talented GENTLEMAN

There's no getting around the fact that my music taste is eclectic. I run the gamut from the loftier heights of classical Beethoven to...

Ben Murray-Bruce in “see-finish” tweet of disrespect from Trey Songz

At first I was angry. Then later, I thought "This is all your fault, BMB. Why are you famzing with your grandson's age mate?...

Missy Elliott DANCES SHOKI as she reclaims her hip-hop crown with...

It is clear that Missy Elliott was just looking at all these small small girls and laughing her head off while preparing to reclaim...