MUSIC – Ric Hassani: a truly talented GENTLEMAN


There’s no getting around the fact that my music taste is eclectic. I run the gamut from the loftier heights of classical Beethoven to the baser attractions of Trap Music’s 2 Chainz. Neither genre extreme is a facade or an attempt to “Get in where I fit in”. I just tend to listen to the things my ears like and go with that. It is for this reason that I am at once happy with Madonna and moved to Nirvana by Mozart. It is also for this reason that I believe there is enougfh space in my heart for Olamide and Ric Hassani.

I can’t imagine why or how I have never heard of this gifted brotha before now, but his music is life! His soft mellifluous tones coupled with his chosen genre is simply bae.

Wallahi, his single, Gentleman, is superbly named. If ever a Nigerian gentleman were to steal your heart with a song, it would be this. Ric Hassani runs rings around any ballad musician in Nigeria right now and deserves all this recognition.

His fluent blend of percussion and strings with his molten honey voice overlaid on the arrangement is sublime. I don’t know what to tell ya – I’m here for it and I think you’ll love it too.



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