Ben Murray-Bruce in “see-finish” tweet of disrespect from Trey Songz


At first I was angry. Then later, I thought “This is all your fault, BMB. Why are you famzing with your grandson’s age mate? Because you’re an entertainment mogul? Because he’s from America? How many pictures are there of you with Nigerian musical superstars since you became a senator? But you’re ouchea with this little runt because he wore a medallion on his neck, not so?”

Just a quick catch-up, Trey Songz performed in Lagos last night at the 2015 Pepsi Rhythm Unplugged concert and apparently he was quite good.

After the concert, Ben Murray-Bruce tweeted this picture and comment, obviously proud that under his watchful eye, big names in entertainment were gracing the Nigerian stage:

This was the first mistake in my opinion. Yes, he is one of the godfathers of the entertainment industry, but this is unnecessary. Abramovich owns Chelsea, you don’t see him hanging off John Terry’s nuts. BMB, you are a big boy. Stay in the back, sign the cheques and let these smallies know what time it is.

Anyway, here comes Trey with his yaga-yaga mouth:

Baby? Who is his baby? Wait first, who is he telling to smile? A senator of my country? He better go home and tell his FADA to smile. Oniranu. This is what happens when you raise a child without a picture of Awolowo in the house. They don’t know nor revere any older person.

But then, we bring over these brats, make them feel special, and they feel they can talk to anyone anyhow. That’s how we still brought Karaoke Tran or whatever her name is; known only for being Chris Brown’s interim government between the woman he beat up (Rihanna), and the one he cheated on Tran with and got pregnant. Lofty achievements indeed.

Fix up, Nigeria. We’re greater than this nonsense. Can’t deal mbok.

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