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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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“U.K used phones can now land you in jail” – Nigerian...

Hmm.. The theft and threats to life and living though. It's okay.. Rapid Response Service Commander, Tunji Disu has revealed that Nigerians might land themselves...

The Weight of Self-acknowledgement and Understanding

I have been quite emotional these days, and that is why it was so easy for my eyes to well with tears while watching...

To be saved by hope..

I believe in HOPE because in that we can live again. Live again to Become. Become, where we can't be less. Less?.. of what? When there's more where...

Omoni Oboli launches book at 40, ‘The Stars Are Ageless’

The Nigerian actress, scriptwriter, director, producer and trained digital filmmaker at the New York Film Academy, Omoni Oboli celebrated her birthday yesterday, the 22nd...

A Subverted Self-worth & Societal Expectations: Woman, thou art loosed!

Sometime towards the end of last year, a video showing a Nigerian lady turning down her boyfriend's public marriage proposal at a mall went...

Chimamanda Adichie tells how she was sexually molested at 17

And these are part of the few coming out with their experiences of being molested by psychotic patients walking around in disguise of men....

WHY DID YOU DO IT? Cheating in relationships

WHAT IS CHEATING? I am tempted to go with the most popular definition of it in the love context but  I know there are...