To be saved by hope..


I believe in HOPE because in that we can live again.
Live again to Become.
Become, where we can’t be less.
Less?.. of what?
When there’s more where that came from.

Again, we fight to become better, to obtain, to stand still, to not just exist, but survive.
Survive to conquer, to prosper despite every other.

When there’s no hope what else is there? The death of everything we own and know to be. The death of all there has ever been and all there can be. The death of all there is and all there will be. Death simply, of all there is and should be.

Hope without fear as a side attraction is only a distraction on the fraction of a guided conception that you don’t want to lose something, someone or simply, yourself.

We give up too easily, not giving hope a chance to be hopeful, long enough to wait in patience for the good coming.
How hopeful is that?

What is fought for is what we fear to be lost, but forget that it doesn’t have to be lost or on the verge of loss, before we fight for it.

How hopeful can we be while we live?

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