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Exclusive Interview with OC Ukeje (Part II)

The grilling continues... (If you missed it, Part One of the interview is here) VN: What's your favourite film of all time? Oh, this is easy! The...

Exclusive Interview with OC Ukeje (Part I)

OC Ukeje was in town for the UK premiere of his new film When Love Happens, and I know I have already waxed lyrical...

Serena Williams Beats Venus at the US Open

Okay, I know this is not Naija news beht Serena Willaims is bae, so I have to shout about it! I knew this game...

10th Annual Nigerian Entertainment Awards (NEA) New York was Fierce! (Photos)

The 10th Annual NEA AWARDS took place in NEW YORK CITY on Sunday, 6th of September, and was filled with all your favourite celebrities! Here...

Pope Francis Says Marriage Is Not By Force Again oooo, ehen!

In a ground-breaking move today, the bestest Pope ever made moves to streamline and hasten the steps Catholics need to go through in order...

Peppa Pig in Igbo? Yes, please! Watch Video Clip

I'm not sure who did this voice-over work, but transcribing Peppa Pig to Igbo is INGENIOUS! Someone has dubbed over the original Peppa Pig video...

@OCtheGreatUkeje & @WerucheOpia in When Love Happens – Go Watch!

It's been 24 hours and I'm still completely in love with the premiere I attended last night - the fab film When Love Happens. I've...

The Premiere: ‘When Love Happens’ (Photo Gallery)

Yesterday was the premiere of the Seyi Babatope film When Love Happens, and it was everything a premiere should be! It was classy, it was...