Toh! Obama and Putin Ready To Break Bottle As Diplomatic Relations Break Down

Obama Putin

The gloves are off and the diplomatic has become undiplomatic. Russia has been doing the utmost lately, with no regard for anything and any one. Obama, who has, throughout his tenure been diplomatic to the point of inaction, seems to now view the last few days as “The Chill Deficient Days“.

Obama believes that Russia and Putin were behind cyber attacks that sabotaged Hilary Clinton’s bid for the White House. Putin has said “I totes did not do that! Smug smile”.

It’s been mental since then.

Under the US action taken on Thursday:

  • Thirty-five diplomats from Russia’s Washington embassy and its consulate in San Francisco were declared “persona non grata” and given 72 hours to leave the US with their families
  • Two properties said to have been used by Russian intelligence services in New York and Maryland will be closed.
  • Sanctions were announced against nine entities and individuals including two Russian intelligence agencies, the GRU and the FSB.

Hian! Initially, it was announced that the Russian foreign ministry had called for a similar expulsion of US officials from Russian soil. However, it has now emerged that Putin has quashed the proposal. The Russian president declined to engage in a tit-for-tat over the hacking scandal, saying Russia would not “stoop” to the level of “irresponsible diplomacy”, and would work to restore ties with America under President-elect Donald Trump.

This is hardly surprising as Trump is about to become Putin’s bitch.

All I will say is this: when two elephants fight, it is the ground that suffers it. Whilst these two world powers are doing “Do me, I do you; God no go vex”, Syria is decimated. The refugee plight is heartbreaking. ISIS grows in power daily. The far right is gaining ground. Hate crimes, massacres and death is on the increase.

I know they move around with security, bulletproof everything, and have no idea how the other half lives. But some of us are vulnerable to their every whim and action. They need to GET IT TOGETHER and let us strive for peace!

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  1. Nothing of such will happen, Putin is more reliable and sensible, their ties will never be broken. Obama was just playing a game of a wounded lion By sacking some diplomats from Russia and am sure Putin will not retaliate

  2. Not too long ago, the USA helped to install Mikel Gorbachev into the Kremlin (so the story went) . Putin was in the KGB . Gorbachev’s ” Glasnost” policy eventually led to the disintegration of the mighty USSIR. Effectively making the U S A the only unopposed Super Power .. Even Putin was later forced to step aside temporarily due to a USA led international uproar about Russia’s democracy. Putin belongs to the ‘old order cartel ‘ of the erstwhile Soviet Union. They were masters in the game oif Diplomatic chess . So Russia has also helped in installing its own AMERICAN PRESIDENT ! Obama’s move has come too late. The damage had been done effectively. Obama scored many diplomatic points to the detriment of Putin while he held sway. THe fickeringf flame of a dying candle can hardly burn! Its check mate , Obama , advantage Putin ! The could war has fully resurrected !! With Putin , Trump , Jong (north Korea) , Erdogah (turkey) , Duertte (philippines) in charge of affairs, Armageddon is here !!

  3. This action or reaction of Obama is immature. Whatever decision he has already or is going to take in the last 30 days will easily be reviewed.
    He is showing too much disatisfaction of Trump’s election. Is it not better to have a smooth transition? What is he going to do next? ….in Palestine…. in Israel… Let us note that he sponsored so many crises in the World… Thousands died and are still dying

  4. It is alarming after diplomatic row over US election. There are political aids in Republican Party may have close political talks with Russia to get close in syria. Russia is a long time ally of syria. Russia wants a role in middle East. Trump is not well understood with middle east politics.

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