Touch not my anointed – the problem with unquestionable religion


The past week has seen the world bow to incredible forces of nature. From Makurdi to Houston, the world saw lashings of rain. Hurricane Harvey held us all by our coat tails and I am sure those who could pray prayed, those who could send help did their part, and those who could raise awareness took their best shots.

It would seem Pastor Joel Osteen violated some of the highest creeds of the Gospel. Reports have it that the church had been sealed off despite several attempts by the flood victims to find shelter on “holy” grounds. The Pastor eventually yielded to pressure and social media uproar, offering a weak argument that the church had also been flooded at some point.

I really wonder if Christians need Jesus himself to come down and instruct us when it comes to things like this.

As expected there are lots of responses to John’s letter that border on “thou shall not judge.”

The scripture gave us a pure and un-defiled mission: to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep ourselves spotless from the world.

But the moment you bring this to the notice of a Christian, you are met with a tirade of accusations and counter accusations. We have forgotten that the love of God is shown to us through humans beings; even His mercies and His judgement or correction come to us in trickles while we are here so that we will not eventually be condemned.

This unquestionable religion is what will eventually be the death of faith because nothing that is true resists query. It is falsehood that makes us hide from scrutiny. Even Jesus says it that people are afraid of coming to the light because their works are evil but the one that does God’s will comes to the light that his deeds may be reproved.

We are gradually reaching that point where all we have is a faith built on everyone’s individual opinion. Even society is not built this way, no man is an Island and our humanity is built by a common evolution. It is this individualistic culture that will eventually be our ruin especially for the Christian who refuses to allow his faith to be scrutinised. We have turned our mortal imperfection into an excuse to allow anything and turn our gaze away from wrongdoing.

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