Viva Naija #ThrowbackThursday: Oh what a feeling! Burning me all up. I can’t help myself, baby, I wanna love ya!

Awwww...true loff at last!

Choi, Beautiful Nubia just has to be our #ThrowbackThursday because he took us back to a time when toasting in Yoruba was the shizznit and the girl too will start feeling like one Abeke and be calling you “Olowo ori mi” and aso ebi will come and be hungrying somebody.

Palm trees and everything!

We were all feeling The Remedies Plantashun Boiz when Oh What A Feeling stopped us all in our tracks and took us back to a simpler time. Gentlemen became charming, ladies became coy, and plucking flower was just enough. When you heard that your bobo nice was downstairs or in the backyard waiting for you, all your heart will just be beating gish gish gish!

But if there are no calabashes, how will you know if you are really in love??

The value of the #ThrowbackThursday isn’t simply based on how long ago the song was released though. Even the lyrics are vintage and profound:

Nko ri iru e ri eyi ri o ooooh, nko ri iru ife eyi ri o ooooh
Omo to n’iwa t’o si l’ewa o,
Mo fe mo ‘le re o, ki nma ba e lo
Jowo mo fe m’awon obi re o, baby mi ye
Jowo mo fe m’awon ore re o ooooh
Omo on’iwa tutu yi o, mo fe mo ‘le re o, ki nma ba e lo
Baby je nma ba e lo, honey ki nma ba e lo
Ololufe je nma ba e lo

I’ve never seen someone like you, I’ve never known a love like this
A girl with both manners and beauty,
I wish to know your homestead, let me go away with you.
I beg of you, let me know your parents, my dearest heart
I plead with you, let me know your friends too,
This calm lady with the gentle demeanour, I wish to know your homestead, let me go away with you.
Let me go away with you. Please honey let me go away with you.
Lover, let me go away with you.

Chai! If a guy sang this to you and you didn’t melt, you were a Philistine, a lesbian, or both. And even then, you’d let him at least buy you Yogo and Gala because…I mean…baba nla song meeeehn!

Awwww…true loff at last!


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