Arsene Wenger calls the G.O (General Overseer aka awon daddy wa)


Wenger: Hello good morning, this is Arsene…

G.O: Bonjour La professeur. Comment ça va?

Wenger: Merci, je suis très bien.

G.O: Ok let’s switch back to what i hear. How can you help me?

Wenger: I require a trophy cabinet so I want you to recommend the company who built the one in your office.

G.O: (laughing) Wenger wenjele! O fe sele ni season yi niyen o! It’s going to happen this season abi? Trophies fe yapa! Trophies everywia!!

Wenger: ….Erm, there are indications that the trophies will be coming in thick and fast this season….so I’m trying to do all my business early this season. I don’t want anything left too late that’ll derail our season.

G.O: Like the signing of your contract last season abi? Oniyeye! Anyway, my office cabinet was built by one talented young man and I can give you his details. Write down this name Shinor Ayaks and contact him. Omo yen nkan yeye. Nothing he can’t build o! Tell him you are from me and he’ll do you well. Ori e pe gan ni, omo daadaa de ni.

Wenger: Thank you very much. I hope his charges are reasonable?

G.O: Be n ti e ri! Baba Ijebu! By the way, shebi the money is not coming out from your pocket? The guy will give you the quality of these fanciful Italian brand names but he won’t charge you their price. Wenger, spend some money! Na owo yi!

Wenger: Okay, thank you. I will contact him. Have a nice day.

G.O: Wos, Wenger, before the season starts proper….I mean before you play your first game of the season, I want you to bring your entire squad to see me. I’ll do some spiritual fortification for all of you. Mo fe so yin di apata so that you can go and be jamming everybody this season. So gbo?

Wenger: Ok. We’ll arrange for that…I hope it’ll be free?

G.O: Free bawo? Is it not money I’ll use to buy the ero’ja? Are you working for free? Is Ozil playing for free? If you like, don’t come, e se ara yin niyen. You think you’re doing me, you’re just doing yourself. May your trophy cabinet not turn to bookshelf. Have a nice day!

Wenger: Thank you.

(Call ends)


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