18+ ONLY! #FreakForDaWeek V: my Valentine’s Day Sexy Story! – by Chinny

sexual silhouette - freak of the week

“I’m going to have myself a wonderful valentine.”
I intoned for the umpteenth time as I pushed open the door to my office. I know how almost everyone says they don’t care about valentine. “it’s just another day” Chioma, my 35-year-old married assistant had said when I asked what her plans were.
“Why sensationalize it and throw away money? My husband and I celebrate our love for each other every day!”
“Yeah right” I’d thought to myself rolling my eyes, “it’s now over sensationalised cos you’ve got kids to take care of eh.”

I’d taken special care this morning. Spending an extra hour in the bathroom doing my facials and waxing my bikini area. It seems funny now considering I really had no laid out plans…all I knew was that it was going to be a memorable one, somehow.

At precisely 1pm a cake arrived with my name on it…”Happy Valentine Simone” it said with a big heart sign replacing the I. I smiled as my colleagues gushed at the cake wondering who this mysterious man was. No mystery there; I’d simply sent myself a cake. Far be it from me to not have a Valentine cake. I was single and with no man in sight, I knew I had to do this for me.

Close of work met me not any closer to having any plans and I again wondered why I’d bothered with all that pampering this morning, I was gonna spend the night alone anyway…oh plus my scrumptious chocolate cake, of course. I called my driver to come take my things to the car and I walked out after him already mentally checking the movies I was going to watch tonight. TV was out of it, unless I wanted to watch happy couples snog all night long.

“Oh! I’m so sorry!” He exclaimed as he ran into me, immediately bending over to pick up my blackberry 9900 that had clattered to the floor. I couldn’t care less, transfixed as I was at the sight of him. Who was he? Where did he come from? What was he doing here? These thoughts went through my mind at the speed of light. He straightened and I stared some more at his incredibly soft pink lips. Where had this demi-god come from?! He was Ryan Gosling, Idris Elba, Lynxxx and Chris Hemsworth rolled into one creamy, 6’4” drop-dead-gorgeous body, even Michael Ealy’s eyes had nothing on his.

“Your phone?”

His voice snapped me back to reality and as I tore my gaze from his lips to his hand that held out my phone, I knew for certain I was going to fuck him tonight and with that certainty, the tension at the pit of my stomach released and flooded my thongs.

“Umm…thank you” I managed, my heart beating erratically. “Are, are you here to see someone?”

“Yeah. I just got in from school and I’m here to surprise my girlfriend, she interns at this firm.”

School? Did he just say school? Oh fuck! He’s so young! And he’s got a girlfriend too. Hahahaha! This was going to be interesting. I had always fantasized about being with a girl anyway.

It wasn’t difficult to get them both to come home with me to celebrate the valentine. I let the girlfriend sit up front with the driver while we played poker at the back. Some time during the ride we had introduced each other; he was Jack and the girlfriend, Amanda. I was surprised at how quickly they had consented to my proposal…freaky bunch they were.

Amanda was a beautiful girl, she definitely looked older than 20. She was about 5’7” tall, gorgeous body with her curves perfectly formed. She had a great set of tits, and a smile that could win anyone over.

We quickly made our way to my bedroom, Jack and I kissing and necking all the way there. I climbed up onto the bed, knelt behind Amanda who was on it already and guided her head to Jack’s throbbing cock. Pushing her mouth back and forth on it while he stood there and moaned. As I kneeled behind her, Jack reached over her and pulled out my breasts from the top of my dress, wrapping his big hands around them and squeezing them. My nipples quickly hardened in his hands and he began to pinch and pull at them until they were fully erect.

He leaned in and started to suck on them, and his cock sunk deeper into Amanda’s mouth, forcing her to deep throat him.

“Mmm, yes, take that cock in.” Jack moaned out to her.

Feeling helplessly aroused I reached one of my hands down to my clit and started rubbing it in a circular motion while my other hand was still on Amanda’s head and Jack was sucking on my tits.

As I started to moan, he looked at us both and said, “I think I want to try something new with you girls. Simone, you lie on your back. Amanda I want you bent over the bed with your face buried deep into Simone’s pussy and pleasuring her.”

We got ourselves into position and Amanda started to eat my pussy while Jack stood there and watched, jerking his cock off as I grabbed his girlfriend’s head and pulled it deeper into me. As she bent over the bed tasting my sweet pussy, Jack pulled her ass up into the air, spread her legs wide open, crouched down and started to eat her from behind, rubbing her clit and tonguing her sweet hole. He was getting it ready for his rock hard cock.

“Ohhh FUCK me!! Please please someone make me cum!” Amanda cried out.

Jack stood up, Amanda’s ass still sticking up into the air, he grabbed her by the waist and began to press into her, sliding his cock into her tight pussy from behind. As he inched himself into her, I looked up and watched until he was fucking her violently, she in turn went nuts on my pussy. Licking every inch of it, flicking my clit with her tongue. She inserted two fingers into my hole and then switched to her tongue in my pussy as she rubbed my slippery juices on my clit with her fingers. I reached down and grabbed my tits, rubbing them and even sucking my own nipples as I looked up and watched him pound into her sweet little fuck hole.

“Now I want you two to switch positions” Jack said.

We rustled around the bed and got into our new positions. Me with my ass up in the air for her Boyfriend to take me and Amanda lying on the bed, spread open for me to taste her sweet young pussy. Jack slid his finger up and down my clit, collecting the moisture from my pussy onto his finger and rimmed my ass with it.

“You are going to get it extra HARD!” he said to me as he shoved his cock into my pussy full throttle.

I gasped and my body jolted forward with the force of his cock slamming into me. My face pushed even deeper into Amanda’s pussy causing her to moan and gush a bit of her juices onto my tongue. As Jack fucked me, he watched her face as she came on my tongue. He slid his finger into my ass, double penetrating me.

“Omgggg!” I moaned.“Yes baby, make me cum all over your cock!”

My body was shaking and I started to fuck him back uncontrollably. I came all over his throbbing cock that pounded in and out of my hot pussy so forcefully. He pulled out his cock from my pussy and spread my ass cheeks apart, spitting down into my ass hole and rubbing it in a bit. Then slowly he inserted the head of his dick into my tight asshole, pushing hard as he leaned in, slowly filling my ass completely.

While he fucked my tightly puckered ass, Amanda turned herself around so her and I were in a 69 position, feeding off of each other’s pussy’s. I fingered her as I licked her clit. She licked my pussy as Jack’s balls slapped off of her head. He pulled his cock out of my ass and grabbed Amanda positioned her up beside me. He had us both bent over, on all fours, asses hanging off of the end of the bed.

He took turns between us, fucking us, first her and then me, getting his cock covered with both of our pussy juices.

“Mmm Ahhhhhh fuckkkk, Yesss Omgggg” Amanda screamed out as she reached her climax.

Cum dripping out of her pussy and down her leg. Jack scooped it up onto his finger and pushed it into my mouth as he came over and fucked me . I licked his finger savouring Amanda’s taste.

“Mmmm…..” I moaned.

I could feel him about to explode in my pussy, his dick pulsating, ready to cum. He flipped me around and I lay on my back, stretching my legs out wide as he pressed my knees back into my chest while he pounded me. “Mmmmmm YEAAAAAH!” he cried out. He leaned back and pulled his cock out of me. His throbbing cock shot out a huge load of his hot sticky cum, all down his shaft, on my face and stomach.

“UGhhhh” he grunted as the last little bit dripped out.

Amanda licked the cum off of his dick and then sucked on my tits and worked her way down my tight body and lapped up the cum from my stomach, swallowing it all.

They both turned to me and Amanda said, “Now, to finish you off!”

They pushed me down on the bed, Jack spread my legs apart and rammed his face in between them, greedily licking my pussy. Amanda grabbed my tits in her hands and started to squeeze them and suck on my nipples. My body started to convulse as I raised my hips up, allowing Jack to get deep into my pussy with his tongue. Amanda reached down and rubbed my clit like a good little helper.

“Holllly FUCK, don’t stop, I’m CUMMING!!” I screamed.

I started to gush out all of my sweet tasting pussy juice onto Jack’s tongue. He collected it and when I was done he kissed us both so we could taste it off of him. We all smiled at each other, knowing that what we had just done was so wrong but yet felt soooo fucking good.

As I collapsed on the bed after the fifth round, I smiled contentedly to myself: “it had indeed been a splendid valentine.”


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