18+ ONLY! #FreakForDaWeek IV: my sexual fantasy – submission

Freak of the week - handcuffs

Are you ready for more??  Welcome to the fourth instalment in the #FreakForDaWeek series. Today, we’re dealing with My Sexual Fantasy – Submission.

Did I tell you about the time I surrendered to my desires? That night I said he was mine to have, and I was his to enjoy.

His pleasure my joy. From where I stood he towered over me. All I really wanted was to wrap my arms around his neck, have him bend down and kiss me. I had been a good girl , but I wanted him to punish me.

I wanted him to lift my face up to his by my chin, with his other hand grabbing my ass. I wanted him to rub it one cheek at a time and spank me when I least expected it. I wanted him to alternate the spankings so I wouldn’t know where his hand would land next. I wanted to feel that sting. I wanted him to lift my dress and spank me.I wanted to kiss him deeply while he did this. I wanted him to call me a good girl.

I stood in awe of his grounded masculinity, and how he easily alternated from gentle kisses to a growing sense of urgency as he threw me on the bed.

Finding myself on my back waiting to feel the weight of his body on top of mine. Gazing at him expectantly, he began to raise my dress, I lifted my hips off the bed to help him. And then he buried his face and flicked his tongue on her, and oh how she purred in absolute delight. Sending shockwaves all over my body I threw my head back and enjoyed every single thing he was doing.

I didn’t want to cum just yet, I was trying to hold back. Then he stopped. We kissed and undressed each other completely. I lay him on his back , licked my lips and took him in my mouth. Slowly and deliberately I took inch after inch until he filled me. And I alternated my pace, all I wanted to do was to please him. I needed him to know that.

Good girls don’t talk with their mouths full so I crawled up to him and kissed him. He adjusted his position , to accommodate me. So I kissed him and then lowered myself unto him. Rising up, moving my waist in slow figure 8 motions and sliding down. Rocking back and forth, going up and down with my hands planted firmly on his chest. His hand on the back of my neck and the other guiding and regulating my pace and speed on my lower back.

It felt good, she fit him so well. It felt good but I wanted to feel his hands wrapped around my neck, I wanted him to dominate me. I wanted him to ask me questions, I wanted him to tell me when to cum or not to cum. He didn’t know this, so I asked him breathlessly Do you like this babe ? He held me tighter, pulled me down on him and said I love it. I love this pussy, and that aroused me even more. Good, I said and kissed him.

How can I please you? He said you are. I told him to spank me. He did, I gasped then smiled coyly. Kissed him and said, do it again. He did, I kissed him again. He said you like that, I said yes . He spanked me harder, and I crooned ohh baby look how wet you got me. It was then he noticed. I was teaching him how to dominate me and appreciate my submission.

He flipped me over, lay me on my back, spread my legs apart and kissed me gently. Then he entered me, and I winced a little bit it felt so good the perfect combination of pain and pleasure. Now I take his hand and place it on my throat and said now feel how wet you make me, and he thrust deeper. I loved it, every inch of him.

He moved in and out of me expertly like we had done this before. I moved my head to the side, trying to hold out before climaxing. Omg you feel so good inside me, oh so amazing. He fucked me harder, and I needed him to stay right there, omg right there he found the spot. I’m going to cum, I dug my feet into the bed hands around him, nails digging into his skin and then he said look at me.

No! I replied defiantly, he thrust harder and deeper then growled look at me, the right amount of aggression, that was just what I needed. Now I’m at the edge but I needed him to say the words. My orgasms were his to give, so I needed him to say cum for me.

He didn’t know this so I said tell me to cum, and he just fucked me harder… Enjoying this wait I kept my gaze on him, our eyes locked into each other I could feel my body threatening to betray me, he could feel my body starting to quiver.

He fucked me a little longer then said cum for me baby! Cum, with his permission, my hips rose to meet his thrusts, and his strong hands held my hips down and then I felt the ripples start from my toes , traveling all through my body and I felt the warm release of my juices, my moans became loud screams and streams of profanity Fuck Shit Ohhh …I came for him like a good girl. He kissed me, our hearts still racing, bodies dripping in sweat.

We turned and looked at each other, both wearing smug grins of satisfaction. We locked our fingers and lay in silence.

This was his first introduction the Belle, his submissive lover.

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