32 Words That Can Change Your Perspective


I love these 32 words. They are business ethics statements and were first created in the 1930s and used to turn around a failing company.   This list of four questions from Rotary International, a humanitarian business organisation, is one of the most widely printed, translated and reproduced piece of business ethics today:

“Of the things we say, think or do:

1.            Is it the TRUTH?

2.            Is it FAIR to all concerned?

3.            Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?

4.            Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?”

If we build our lives and businesses on these very simple strategies, then we will be working against the mind set of competitiveness and lack mentality.  These statements look at how your decisions benefit all parties concerned and not just one person’s gain.

This simple testing technique takes us completely out of the competitive mind of greed, scarcity and lack. It turns our thoughts and choices toward the positive, realizing there are opportunities we can take that can provide increase for all concerned.

I invite you to use these questions to test actions and opportunities in your life.  If you are seeking opportunity, these questions may help you see things in a different way.  In doing this, perhaps you might find business opportunities which truly allow you to bless the world, while at the same time enables you to maximise your passion.

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Business Blessings to you!

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