So, the $50M was for NIA covert operation? Well, President Buhari has spoken!


The NIA claimed the huge sum was meant for a “covert operation” and President Buhari has been said to give an order for the agency to “reapply” for the fund. But wait oh, we have a question – What kind of government agency uses that kind of huge sum of money, $50 Million dollars in raw cash, for a covert operation? Hmmmn….Naijaaaaaaa sha!

President Buhari has directed the EFCC to return the recovered money to the Central Bank, being money assigned to the National Intelligence Agency (NIA).
The NIA claimed the money was for a covert operation that predated the administration of President Buhari and that the EFCC raid had bungled the operation. Reports had gone rife about the ‘discovery and recovery of this huge sum by the EFCC in an operation on Wednesday, April 12, in the 7th Floor of a 4-bedroom apartment at Osborne Towers located at 16, Osborne road Ikoyi. (READ HERE)

In a ruling on Thursday, April 13, Justice Muslim Hassan of the Federal High Court in Lagos ordered that the funds be handed over to the Federal Government for now. The judge then adjourned the matter till May 5, 2017 for anyone who wants to claim the funds and give reasons why it should not be permanently forfeited to the government to show up before him.

However, on Friday, April 14, there was a report that the National Intelligence agency (NIA) had claimed the monies. And according to Sahara Reporters in a series of tweets, President Buhari directed the return of the monies to the central bank. The apartment was said to be owned by former chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Ahmadu Adamu Mu’azu and although he confessed to this, he added that he sold the apartments but he was unaware of the persons that purchased them.

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  1. I’m close to swearing right now….. N**@$ please, covert operation my slim behind. It’s the trying to use our head that is now annoying me. Predates his regime? B*@$-h please. The only operation done was getting money missing. So it’s now covert to dress up like iya mufutau and storing Ghana must go in annnnn….. I’m 😡

  • What do u except?? When the owner is from APC?? Not PDP. raw cash?? In a private building?? For a project??. Then why was dasuki’s not for projects?? Buhari una thank you oooo. Una don over try with this fight of corruption.

  • Who authorised the covert operation? Was the President then aware of the covert operations? And since it is a assignment carried over into the new administration, the sitting President and the national security adviser should be aware!But what is NIA money doing in a private home?

  • The fed govt must be careful in taking action against the money. He must not be hasty. The govt shouldn’t allow anybody to swindle him. It is a huge amount. Undoubtly, it is a Nigeria money. Honestly, the action of NIA is suspicious. Why did NIA transact in cash, instead of cheque or bank? I believe there is a limitation to cash transactions. Who authorised NIA to transact this huge amount in cash? Is it Accountant General of the federation or minister of finance or the president? The fed govt should disassociate himself from this shoddy deal and maintain his interigrity. NIA should forfeit the money to the fed govt. The financial operation is illegal and suspicious. The officers of NIA in charge of the transaction should be punished for embarassing Nigerians. It will serve as a deterrant to others. However, there are some abnormal cases, the Accountant General or minister of finance or the president should explain to Nigerians why the money should not be forfeited to the govt.

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