Buhari and Lawal, Oke sacking: no sacking wey no get e own process o!


I understand Buhari has sacked the erstwhile Secretary to Government of the Federation (SGF) Babachir Lawal and Abayomi Oke, the suspended Director of The National Intelligence Agency (NIA).

Both were accused of improprieties while in office; administrative investigations carried out. The President has finally sacked them, after painstakingly reviewing the investigation report.

But trust my people, the daggers are still out. Initially, the complains were that Buhari was covering for them, blah blah blah.

Now that he has sacked them, they want Buhari to jail them. Na Buhari go jail them again?? Is he the IGP? The Presidency has announced that the relevant agencies like EFCC have commenced their own investigations.

It is like asking Donald Trump to jail his former advisers that were indicted yesterday. These things have a process they go through and Nigeria is no exception. Part of fighting corruption involves institution building, and if that is a legacy that Oga Buhari can leave behind, so be it.

Even sacking of a wife involves a process, noh be say people jus wake up and sack their wives:

Orisirisi moves will first happen, from gathering of Facebook evidence from that Female In Nigeria (FIN) Facebook group, to setting up a committee of Aunties and Uncles, presentation of evidence, reviewing of evidence, looking for a replacement, tasting of replacement to make sure, then sacking of the old for the new.

I don’t know the process you women go through to sack we men o, but if Mòmó Fela tries it with me, I am definitely carrying the Sky internet box with me.

Anyways, good morning and have a sack free day.

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