Welcome to November dear reader! Now I know that for some of you, the realisation that in just a few weeks another year will be over is  one of little comfort and much trepidation You’re probably thinking of all the things you set out to do in January (all those new year resolutions et al) and thinking and how not one of them has been done and thus every reminder that November is here leaves you feeling:

But do not despair dear reader for as long as you are breathing, it is not too late to change your life and set in on positive routes. We are Viva Naija and here are 6 simple life changing things to do this November

1) 5 minutes thanksgiving every morning:

An attitude of gratitude is what you need bellows the motivational speaker and eyes roll all over the auditorium but as cliché as it sounds, the speaker is very very right. Yes there are a lot of things that are off in our beloved nation Nigeria and all over the world. There are probably so many things in your life that aren’t going well but does everything suck? Are there not things or people in your life that make you smile? Can you say that there isn’t one thing in your life that you are grateful for? Well this November, take 5 minutes every morning to “count your blessings.” Gratitude has many scientifically proven benefits some of which are improved sleep, improved physical and psychological health and better self esteem. Read more on this here 

Oya fill it!

2) Laugh:

Oh yes, Laugh! Despite the challenges, this world we live in is bursting full of humour. So many things to make you laugh till your ribs scream. Make it a point to seek things that make you laugh. Subscribe to humour channels on YouTube. Follow social media accounts that are full of jokes and memes. Laugh at yourself! Laughter is good medicine the wise man says. It will do wonders for your health and will help make your month and the rest of your life sooo much lighter.  Here’s one to make you giggle:

3) Read a book weekly:

Read a book every week or every 2 weeks. There is a wealth of knowledge out there. So many people have distilled their wisdom into books. Wisdom that will encourage you, comfort you and set new fire to your dreams. Wisdom that will help you do in days what you have been struggling to do for years. Take advantage of this and read books. Read books that address issues of your life. Read books that will make you laugh (see point 2) read books that will inspire ideas.

4) Every day do something for a loved one:

Oh how we let things distract us from what truly matters! We can let the grind of life and the need to “get ahead” blind us to those that care about us. We can become unfeeling and downright neglectful of our loved ones and this shouldn’t be so.  Our relationships need nurturing and TLC. So this November make it a point every day to do something for at least one person that you care about. Send them a love text, call them just to tell them how you care. Take time to visit them. Take them out. Send them a small gift. Kiss them different. Be creative!

Guaranteed to send shivers straight to his toes (especially when its preceded by you staring deep into his eyes)

5) 10 Minutes Work out!

Oh yes it is time to join the fitfam train! Every morning before you leave your home, make sure that you set aside at least 10 minutes for a work out. Google relevant exercises, set your time and begin. Working out every morning will improve your mood and leave you feeling fabulous and as you do it every day, it wont be long before exercising becomes a habit. A habit that will do amazing things to you on every level. You might have set out to do it in January but failed to do so, but it isn’t too late to start. Go for it. You can do it!

It is not too late!

6) Start taking steps to your dreams:

It is not too late to begin. You might have set out to do a lot at the beginning of the year but didn’t. Well every great achievement and breakthrough began with a single step. Take the steps you can take this month and keep on going. It will all add up and eventually what was just a dream will become tangible reality. No more excuses! Go for it!!

nuff said

So that’s our list. Did we miss any out? Tell us about it in the comments below. As always we are Viva Naija and we wish you a happy November!

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