Most UNFORTUNATE statement of the year: “Wear miniskirts, get raped; it’s your fault” – Mrs. Mugabe

….nothing, absolutely nothing, justifies his statement…..

Just a little over a day ago, a supposedly respectable woman made the most unfortunate statement of the year, that further darkened that lil’ gloomy part to an African culture which is still grappling to confer a relatable consciousness in the comity of cultures, especially as touching the values of self-awareness and self-respect.

How can a woman make a very insensitive statement that further cheapened the causes and excuses for the crime of Rape, the most vicious, most heinous crime arguably worst than cold-blooded murder? How??

Grace Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s outspoken first lady who is thought to be tilting for the presidency after her husband dies, sparked outrage for saying that if women wear short skirts they deserved to be raped.

Mrs Mugabe, 50, a mother-of-four and former typist who admits she is as “thick-skinned as a crocodile”, made her comments in the local language Shona to thousands of supporters at a rally in Mberengwa, southern Zimbabwe on Saturday.

“If you walk around wearing mini skirts displaying your thighs and inviting men to drool over you, then you want to complain when you have been raped?” she was reported as saying in local media. “That is unfortunate because it will be your fault.”

Ha! So sad and unfortunate a statement to be made to a hoard of ladies who may eventually get their self-confidence shattered and have their self-worth trampled under foot…some must have innocently thought, “if this is coming from our First Lady, then, she’s right, it was my fault that day…” How sad…

Mrs. Mugabe needs to retract this statement and apologise to the pride womanhood that her statement derided.

She needs to be schooled about the fact that there are many other humane ways to address “provocative dressing” in situations where it’s being adjudged a nuisance, other than Rape.

She needs to be schooled that Rapists are deep-seated sociopathic psychopaths, albeit weak and insecure, who just constantly feel the want to express animalistic strength by taking advantage of unsuspecting women, irrespective of what they wear.

What’s gonna be the excuse with this??? Huh??

She needs to be schooled that “Provocative dressing” should never be tagged a catalyst or cause for rape, and that such statements sadly empowers bestial tendencies in patriarchal and basically libidinous men, who will eventually revel in reasons to commit rape.

Mrs. Mugabe must be schooled that standing militarily against the crime of rape isn’t a tad ‘Feminist’, rather, it is largely and solely humane to conquer any act that kills the soul of a fellow human.

The fight against the crime of Rape still needs a lot of social, psychological and judicial empowerment, and statements like Mrs. Mugabe’s does this noble cause no favours.

Sad Sad Sad……

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