Osun monarch gets 7 years imprisonment for teenage rape – hope springs eternal!

Osun State High Court has sentenced a monarch in Osun State, The Loja of Araromi Otokobo town in Ilesa, King Moses Adeniyi, to seven years imprisonment for raping two teenagers who were students of St. Margaret School, Ilesa.

It’s an awful, awful thing to rejoice over, but this news fills me with so much glee and rejoicing – that in Nigeria, such a horrific crime by such a well-appointed person against two poor children could drag on for so long, and still be met by the rightful verdict. First Ese Oruru and now this??  This really does give me hope that perhaps we are turning a teeeeeny tiny corner when it comes to abuse.

It would seem that the dirty old mongrel of a pervert saw the girls (13 and 14 years old respectively at the time) on their way back from school one day and offered them a ride home. They accepted as one of the girls had lived near him in the past and knew him as a king and an elder. Instead of taking them home though, he made a detour to a hotel and threatened them with death if they were to mention it to anyone.

He took their virginity in the most abhorrent way possible and wiped the blood off with a white handkerchief. Lord alone knows if the rape was merely the actions of a fetid old man or something more sinister and reeking of juju but I dare not let my mind go down that rabbit hole.

The mother of one of the girls noticed her strange behaviour and whittled the problem down to sexual interaction. The girl, fearing for her life however, would not say who had harmed her in this way until the mother, along with the school authorities assured her that she was not in trouble and she would not die.

The case has dragged on in the courts for five years now, the crimes having been committed back in 2010, but after thorough prosecution by the state Ministry of Justice, the Ilesa Division of Osun State High court found the 70-year-old monarch guilty of the offence levelled against him. 70. Seventy. On frightened little teenagers.
The presiding judge, Justice Kudirat Akano in her judgement expressed disappointment in the accused and sentenced him to seven years imprisonment at Ilesa maximum prison without option of fine.
Chances are he will die in jail – chance would be a fine thing – but we couldn’t be more pleased at that state of affairs.


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