8 Year Old Girl Beaten To Death By Mother In Ghana


There are thousands of women seeking the fruit of the womb, visiting churches, mosques, African priests, and anywhere they find comfort enough to ask for mercy. Thousands of families, Christians & Atheists who pine for a child, and somewhere in the world, a woman beats her child up mercilessly, that on this fateful day in Ghana, she beats her daughter to death.

Who does that?!

If you don’t want a child, give it up, or better yet, don’t have it if you’re not ready.

People think that facing demons is just mere talk, that actually facing your demons can’t save someone’s life!!

A mother who beat her eight-year-old ailing daughter to death has been arrested by the police and currently being prepared for court.

The Korle-Bu District Police apprehended the 38-year-old mother of four at Korle-Gonno in Accra following a tip-off.

According to police, Larteley Mensah beat young Tani Sanni until she passed away.

Police sources say the young girl suffered at hands of her own mother because she failed to cover up her vomit with sand as she had been instructed to do.

The eight-year-old had been battling a chronic skin disease.

Tani Sanni had been staying with her dad following the separation of her parents, however, due to the deterioration of her chronic skin disease, the father brought her to her mother for proper care.

Larteley Mensah reportedly sought the help of two individuals who assisted her to bury the body secretly at midnight at Lavender Hill.

Lavender Hill is an area in Jamestown situated in close proximity to where liquid waste is disposed into the sea and notorious for its stench.

Police have mounted a fierce search for Larteley’s accomplices.

Briefing the media, the Korle Bu District Police Commander, DSP Theophilus Esilfie, said Larteley’s accomplices, identified as Adorkor and Ebenezer Annor, Larteley’s boyfriend, are on the run.

Police say they will ensure that the law ruthless deals with Larteley.

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