Alajọ Ṣomolu by Brymo once again lets us into the mind of this brilliant musician


Brymo is one of the most underappreciated musicians of our times and land. His observation of our peoples, our cultures and our pulse is nothing short of magnificent. To be able to set all of that to music is another reason why we here at Viva Naija cannot get enough of him. Alajo Somolu is one more argument in favour of the talented singer.

His unique blend of bass, Afrobeat, jazz and that special ingredient is infectious. Just listen to the lyrics of the song; listen to what this young king is singing!

See this brother
He dey live for city, brother
You dey find your daily bread how
Do you manage, you never craze?
When the time no dey dey
And the people too dey play
And the money quick to spending

If you manage to survive you go say
Ori mi pe bi alajo Somolu eh
Bi alajo Somolu eh
You manage to survive you go say
O pe, bi alajo Somolu eh
Bi alajo Somolu eh*

If that isn’t capturing the zeitgeist, I don’t know what is. The ability to survive against all odds requires a special skill set. Surely, making a dollar out of fifteen cents takes savvy!

The video shows us a Brymo we have come to know and love: a man who eschews scenes of fast women and faster cars, but instead strips things down to scenes we can instantly relate to.

Brymo, coming to a jazz cafe near you

Starting with just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, the video is set in a coffee shop at the Jazz Hole. Black and white with a sepia tint, the video shows jazz records by Miles Davis and iconic items strewn about, it seems clear that Brymo wants to bring us into his world. The singer wants to show us the things that matter to him; the places where he is most comfortable. I see shekere and I see the talking drum. I see a battered poster of the original Alajo Somolu. Most importantly, I see Brymo having a marvellous time. I couldn’t be happier.

Indeed, even the change into traditional costume is hardly noticeable as he still seems as casual and laid back as ever.

Do yourself a favour: subscribe to this man’s YouTube channel, BRYMO Official. You’ll be glad you did. He’s some type of awesome.

Meantime, here is the video for the super lush song that also manages to celebrate a hero of the Yoruba people – Baba Alajo Somolu.


*Lyrics with thanks from

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