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Wednesday, June 23, 2021
Evans the kidnapper -feature

How men and women of the Nigerian Police arrested “Evans the Kidnapper”

He bought a wristwatch worth $170,000 from other people's sweat. He had maimed and scavenged like a grim reaper off hardworking Nigerians for 7 fearful years. So, it came as satiating relief, even to...
Novartis employee

Woman owes pharmaceutical giant $2M after lawsuit backfires spectacularly

This Novartis employee is on some strong Kwale weed. When I saw this story, all I could think was Village People 1: Woman 0. Why would you even contemplate suing a giant like Novartis over...
MKO abiola june 12

June 12 1993 And The Lessons Of History By Joe Igbokwe

Those who were not born before June 12, 1993, may not know what is all about. For record purposes, June 12, 1993, was the day Nigerians from the East, West, North and rose voice, in...

In light of Dino’s woes, these are the 10 steps towards recalling a Nigerian...

It's no more news that constituents in Kogi west senatorial district have started collection of signatures to recall their Senator, Dino Melaye. We thought is timely to make you understand what it entails to...
Modern Slavery - media and consumerism - Viva Naija

For now, what Nigeria needs is mental not physical restructuring

I insist: what we need is a mental crusade, a knowledge revolution, and a re-education of the mind of this polity in majority; especially the upcoming generation, from "embryo to age 14".

South Africa joins Nigeria in recessionary trends, economy experiences unusual downturn

Just when we would have loved to have one African nation on the high road to development, South Africa seems to be the proverbial child who has refused to learn from other people's mistakes....

The Book of Jeremy Corbyn – Anthony Lane, The New Yorker

And it came to pass, in the land of Britain, that the High Priestess went unto the people and said, Behold, I bring ye tidings of great joy. For on the eighth day of...

UK June 8th General Election: vote who you like, as long as it’s not...

The UK June 8th General Election has finally come around, and I'm in bits. I have been feverishly checking poll trackers to see what's really good. Every time I hear of Labour or the Lib...
Evans the kidnapper -6

Some paid as high as $1 million! See names of some ‘Evans the Kidnapper’...

This Evans the Kidnapper guy must be sentenced to death or made to rot in jail. We can waste taxpayer's money to drag his court trial at all. Nigerians must stick to this case...
7 Nigerian British MPs - Feature

7 Nigerian Brits are elected into the British parliament!

7 Nigerians with living here in Britain were elected into the British Parliament during Theresa May's snap election. The seven candidates are: Chuka Umunna- Streatham (Labour) Abimbola Afolami - Hitchin & Harpenden (Conservative) Fiona Onasanya-...