Audu Maikori has learnt the hard way that retracting a story does not stop the law

Audu Maikori - CEO Chocolate City Entertainment - Feature

Audu Maikori has been arrested over the false story he shared alleging 5 students were killed by Fulani herdsmen. The arrest comes despite him retracting the story and apologising.

Unfortunately, Maikori is learning that making a retraction and apology does not always stop people from being questioned/arrested/charged. The authorities will weigh up how much damage could potentially have been caused by the false story, and whether the person who posted it exercised any duty of care before posting it.

There is an American blogger who repeated allegations that Melania Trump had once worked as an escort aka runs girl.

This blogger also retracted his story and apologised. It however did not stop him getting sued by Mrs Trump, and having to settle the case for a huge sum of money. The judge who allowed the case to be filed rejected the defence that the blogger should not be sued because he had taken down the story, and made a formal retraction and apology.

Imho, these stories should serve as sober warnings to us all. Social media posts/blogs/tweets can be verrrrrry dangerous if one is found to be spreading lies. We should all be careful about using social media to allege things.

Verify. Verify. Verify.

Better to always err on the side of caution. Even if one wins a court case, the financial and emotional toll simply ain’t worth it.

The investigation into Audu Maikori’s tweets is still ongoing. Despite being released from police custody on Saturday, 18th February, Audu is scheduled to return on Monday for further questioning.

The Police do not know yet if their investigation will be concluded on Monday, but once it is, if it is believed there is sufficient evidence to prosecute, Audu Maikori can then be arraigned before the courts.

This of course is subject to the Kaduna State govt or the police, deciding to press charges.

Oh, and by the way, Audu was in the custody of the police and not the DSS.

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