Is Audu Maikori a real threat to Southern Kaduna people or is this another 2face being taught a lesson?


Audu Maikori is a threat, make no mistake about it. He has not only the power to make Kaduna Government sit up, but has the key to the heart of entertainment, and by extension, the youth. Just while we are recovering from 2baba’s katakata with DSS and government operatives, Chocolate City boss sef don enter cell too. It’s like these people don’t even want anyone to make a break away attempt at all,; loyalty to this nonsense government is by force. Just be watching it jejely ooo! Once anyone who has any history of activism attempts to pick sides with the people, they end up inside one hole or the other.

Audu Maikori at one time dared a policemen in a protest tagged “Enough is Enough”. He probably is more rugged as an entertainer and activist than 2face. We shouldn’t be surprised if this turns out into another ripple effect for a fresh protest against this jati jati government. Abi why can’t they arrest the people we need them to arrest? No, na entertainers dem go dey chase upandan.

We all agree that peddling false information is wrong but abeg: between Audu’s acclaimed false tweets and all those herdsmen slaughtering people like ram all over Southern Kaduna, which one should be our priority?  Even the governor has openly confessed to making payment to these herdsmen as compensation for their loss some time in the past. Should we not be worried about a governor who compensates people for murders? Is it the government that murdered their family? Why should tax payers’ money be sent to people who have now turned the country into their slaughter slab?

Sometimes sef somebody will wonder where these our leaders get their false sense of justice. So in Oga Rufai’s mind now, he is protecting his people from a tweet that has been pulled down and Police too are there claiming to be law enforcement? The police that cannot show face when Nigerians are maimed and robbed! Police wey never dey get fuel or recharge card or no be these same Olopa we all know? Ms. Ezekwesili,  also an activist like Audu, has begged the governor of Kaduna for clemency but the Police think that wan is not their business. They will still do “their job” even if the governor forgives him.

Seriously, this country needs at least twenty more TB Joshuas. The madness of security personnel and government is like African Magic Yoruba. When we are supposed to be looking for how to feed our people, to secure our borders from imported herdsmen; we are all over the place making life hell for Nigerians whose daily breath provides food for another one thousand Nigerians.  It’s like this government want another Calabar Women’s riot except this time no be only bra we go remove. Maybe when naked men and women reach Aso Villa with dangling breasts and scrotum sacks, our government will start arresting criminals and feeding citizens instead of the other way around.

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