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Outsourcing Weaknesses

Our weaknesses are part of who we are.  Acknowledging that they exist and making the conscious efforts to reduce the effects they have on our day to day tasks can make a huge difference to our lives.  We all have them – from being disorganised, fashionably late for appointments, unable to pay attention to detail, quick temper, loose with money etc.  In a journey to turn our weaknesses around, we can do something about them right now – we can outsource some of these weaknesses.

I recently hired two freelancers to do some work for me over a few months  I used to be a task hoarder but I’ve learnt to let go because some tasks in my business are not just what I want to spend my time doing.   Your weaknesses should not stop you from being successful in business if you manage them well.  If you do not like responding to emails in your business, why not hand it over to someone else?  A virtual assistant could free your time so you can bring more value into your business doing what you actually love. If you find yourself irritable and snappy when working, it could be time to reassess your workload especially the ones you do not enjoy.

Being able to identify tasks to delegate or outsource is a skill every business owner should master.  Struggling to do it all can sabotage your business success and wear you out.   There are so many task you can outsource in your business to improve your efficiency.

The first tasks you should take a look at are the administrative tasks in your business.  Some are:

  • Responding to emails
  • Booking sessions or sending out orders
  • Research
  • Email marketing/newsletters
  • Lead generation
  • Bookkeeping
  • Website updates
  • Database updates
  • Planning events.
  • Graphic design

If you can’t hire someone to do them on a full time basis for you, why not hire someone for just a few hours.  Outsource the tasks you do not have to do personally so you can give more time to generate the sales your business needs to grow and succeed.

I wish you business blessings.

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