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Damilola J. Oladeji

Damilola is a co-author of Life's Chrysalis and has authored e-books on self-development and creative writing. His writing has appeared on The Naked Convos, Africa on the Blog, Tuck Magazine and several other platforms. He also won the Biopage essay contest in 2018. He is the founder of cfwriterz, an African literary community. He is a writer and freelance content developer. Damilola is an AFRES Scholar at the University of Pretoria Real Estate program. He is also an occasional instrumentalist on the saxophone.

As WhatsApp Ponzi scheme crashes, it’s clear Nigerians haven’t learned any lessons after MMM

When we talk now, they will say we talked. I remember writing about MMM some time back and the backlash was terrible, you will think some of these people used family inheritance to do...

The #SoupWars: How oha soup nearly made a thief out of me!

Honestly I don't see why we are fighting over whose soup rocks! I did a search on #SoupWars and found a lot of international cuisine that would make you grateful for ordinary okra soup...

My thoughts on Social Media reaction to the Miss Nnewi Beauty Pageant disqualification

Apparently, girls at the Miss Nnewi Beauty Pageant were disqualified for their woeful responses to the general knowledge section. They answered "No idea/I don't know/ Pass" on almost every question. Except for one who  said...