My thoughts on Social Media reaction to the Miss Nnewi Beauty Pageant disqualification


Apparently, girls at the Miss Nnewi Beauty Pageant were disqualified for their woeful responses to the general knowledge section. They answered “No idea/I don’t know/ Pass” on almost every question. Except for one who  said that the president of Nigeria is Dr Muhammadu Buhari.

But some of us are going overboard with the insults on the Miss Nnewi Beauty Pageant contestants. “Beauty without brains” “Why have a beautiful face on an empty skull?” and similar captions. Ladies generally have a record of mental excellence and I have witnessed this. I got two awards when I was finishing from OAU, the person with the highest number of awards was a lady from the Faculty of medicine, the best graduating student in my department was a lady.

This culture usually dies for most ladies once they finish school. Nobody out there is concerned about what book a lady is reading. Everyone wants to know when she is getting married, what food she can cook, how well kept she is; how many yards her wife material is. We, the society, ask women to be all about cooking, beauty and babies then we turn around and mock them for not remembering who was the first man to land on the moon. Now, that’s nonsense.

This is not limited to Africans either, I might add. Oyinbos too have this thing for blondes. They are generally assumed to be the best at beauty pageants but are mocked for their faulty knowledge of the sciences or current affairs. Dumb blonde jokes are a dime-a-dozen.

There is something these ladies have that most of us do not have:

  • they have a memory that can remember the history of every music and movie artist. Most of us cannot do this.
  • They find it easy to sing along to track after track of their favourite music artiste. Most of us cannot because it’s terribly hard to learn lyrics.
  • These ladies are usually the best at correcting aesthetics flaws. Even an Architect will do well to have a beauty queen look at his work.

There are different types of intelligence: IQ, EQ, MQ but you know what? We are Africans and we only care about IQ while the world has rejected it as a standard for measuring every child. Your child fails mathematics but aced literature yet you think he is a failure.

I am not trying to justify some of the mistakes these girls made but a lot of us are taking it too far. Even those of us who could not write a paragraph without a thousand blunders are busy insulting the girls. Some of us still ask our boyfriends to help us fill forms online. Some of us cannot fill ordinary application letters. A lot of us still use Google to open Facebook. Some cannot remember their passwords so they write them on paper. Others constantly lose our keys.

Yet we put aside these mental flaws and sit on top other people’s matter to write touching stories. I don’t think everyone need to be smart, so long as they are not working in an aeroplane. It’s called a beauty pageant! If the thing is really hurting your life, host your own geek show and all the ugly dudes will be on your show, is that alright?

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  1. Why on God’s earth is there a General question part in their program if it is just a beauty pergeant. Young man there is no excuse for failure, those girls ain’t suppose to be ignorant of very simple stuffs. Dont defend failures.

  • @Bowofoluwa, note that these paegents ask those questions just for show. I don’t understand why a beauty queen needs to show us if she can memorise simple questions which in themselves are a shame to ask. This post does not defend their failure, rather it points out the hypocrisy of the Nigerian clime, we would pull out each other’s hair over beauty queens when in reality the life threatening professions are hidden in dusty, waste facilities killing people without a single public disgrace for their shabby performance. As much as the beauties seem to be a failure, we are bigger failures for expending so much energy on such a non-issue.
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