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Wife, mother, hater of Mrs Title, used to have a thing for Tom Hiddleston till Taylor Swift carried her ass enter the picture, predictably unpredictable. Oh, founder of MerDroits. You should check it out. Florida is particularly passionate about the education of sexual health in Nigeria. From information to prevention to safety and health, she will bring ou all of the good stuff.
Nigerian woman cooking

Sometimes, who cooks the soup at home IS a feminist issue!

Twitter and Facebook like to detonate every once in while about cooking and feminism, and there will always be that one person who says cooking is not about feminism. The thing is though, sometimes...
When A Womans Fed Up 2

When a woman’s fed up: that point of no return when your woman leaves

This is the fifth year of my mother's second marriage, and the fourth year of my father's third marriage. Yet, these two cannot have a civil conversation between them. If there's family event both...
Inclusive Feminism - Feature

There Are Different Hues of Feminist and Each One Is Valid

There are different types of feminists and sometimes the factions war against each other. Why do we often argue about the right kind of feminism? Why? I am a feminist, but I have no quarrel...
Linda Ikeji Video To Young Women

Linda Ikeji Cannot Preach Morality Till She Understands That Sex Is The Only Commodity...

Linda Ikeji made an attempt at encouraging and talking to young girls, but she forgot one important factor. Sex is a commodity. And for some girls that is the most valuable thing they have...
Efulefu definition

When efulefu meets efulefu – a tale of uselessness

I want to tell you a story... Traditionally, men are the providers. They pay their bride price, which seemingly earns them the right to say shit like "look, I married you. I brought you into...