Linda Ikeji Cannot Preach Morality Till She Understands That Sex Is The Only Commodity Some Women Have


Linda Ikeji made an attempt at encouraging and talking to young girls, but she forgot one important factor. Sex is a commodity. And for some girls that is the most valuable thing they have to trade with. That is something I feel Linda’s message didn’t even attempt to acknowledge, because if she did, perhaps she’d be a little less preachy.

That’s like me, as a married woman, coming out with a video to tell her that the reason she’s still unmarried is because she’s not humble. That it’s because she didn’t work as hard as I did to find a good man. That it’s because she was having premarital sex (or not having premarital sex, depending on the theory I choose). Telling her that that’s why Linda Ikeji is still single.

This is why I don’t like campaigns focused on morals. If you do not feel the need nor necessity to do something, then don’t do it. You do not know anybody else’s situation or circumstance.

When you use your situation and assume everyone is at the position you are, and if they are getting a different result, then it’s because they aren’t doing something wrong.

Again I say: sex is a commodity. If domestic work paid as well as sex work, there’d be far more people doing domestic work. And yes, that includes those who are marrying for money. Sex work is a matter of economics, it is not a matter of morals.

So if an adult decides that the path she wants to go, all I will say is, STAY SAFE!


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