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Moji Akinde is a woman of many personalities. She can be CEO of Fèhìntì by Moji Akinde, she can plan corporate meeting, write blog, write poem, but only when she’s not doing supermodel. For Viva Naija, assume she left all her common sense at home and she’s not even missing it.

Black America says “Just vote. Vote responsibly; vote for the future. But DO vote”

"I'm voting my conscience" "If he wins, I'm moving to _____" "I don't vote" These statements share self-centred, hypocritical and narrow minded commonalities. This is not an insult. You cannot expect and hold other people to higher moral...

That’s how Azealia Banks did until smallie Skai Jackson dragged her to hell and...

Azealia. Azeezatu Olaiya. Azealia! How many times did I call your name? You may not know me, but I come to you woman to woman. My name is Moji Akinde, and in the country Nigeria...