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Master of freecell solitaire and all I survey. Mouthy and opinionated on every topic known to man and even some known to woman. Ewa Aganyin fanatic, abhorrer of ogbono. Olamide obsessive, Phyno aficionado, low-key omo wobe.

TruLittle Hero Awards 2018: Let’s Celebrate our Young Heroes!

TruLittle Hero Awards is an event that is not for profit being put together by Cause 4 Children Limited to recognise and reward the achievements of young people under the age of 17 years...

20th July | The Leverage: 3rd Redefine Success Summit Set to be a Game...

They say third time’s the charm but the Redefine Success Summit has been under-promising and over-delivering since its inception, creating an atmosphere for optimising personal and business self-development. The brainchild of Sheun David-Onamusi, the summit...

Sir Shina Peters Live in Concert: The Night a Man Became a Legend

As soon as I heard Sir Shina Peters was to perform at the iconic IndiO2 venue in Greenwich, I threw the entire weight and might of Viva Naija behind promoting it. I have always...

Kanye West loses 9m Twitter followers in 10 minutes: baddest village people EVER!

Listen. You can't tell me Kanye West doesn't have some black belt village people. Village people who are focused on their singular task of spoiling his life for him. Some bad-ass spirits bent on...

Slay Mama Kate Middleton shows off her son as she leaves hospital with William

I know if she had delivered in this our Nigeria and walked out with them killer heels, someone would have shouted "Hebrew woman!" but we thank God for sense, science and small bumps. All...

The Day Twitter Caught Tolu Ogunlesi’s Ancestors Napping

Which is a crying shame because Tolu Ogunlesi is one of the few people in Buhari's cabinet that many people regarded with any respect. As the Special Assistant on digital/new media to President Buhari,...

Naysayers on Easter and the Christian Faith Need to Sit Down Someplace

You know what really grinds my gears? When people try to form some sort of quasi intelligence in the hope that they can rip Christianity apart or try to insert logic into it. And...

The Naked Truth: Brymo’s Heya! is a Well Thought Out Exercise in Self Realisation

Wait, ayam not understanding. You people said Brymo stripped naked for video? As in...una see yansh? And...did you people see anything else???? Noooooo! Has one of my favourite Nigerian musicians started running mad? I...

PROSTITUTION: Poverty drives some Kenyans to rent out their wives

I read this intriguing piece on the Al Jazeera website a few days ago, and it made me think of all of the layers involved. The first is that poverty will make you do...

Lagos Enjoys Public Holiday Tomorrow as Buhari Arrives to Open Ikeja Bus Terminal

You really couldn't make it up. Our president Buhari has finally overcome his aversion to Lagos state and will be in Lagos for a two-day official visit. One of his stops during the tour...