Naysayers on Easter and the Christian Faith Need to Sit Down Someplace

Easter Cross

You know what really grinds my gears? When people try to form some sort of quasi intelligence in the hope that they can rip Christianity apart or try to insert logic into it. And this contempt for one’s brother is never greater than during the Christian Easter – the one brought to you by Jesus, the Lamb of God, not by Cadbury’s Easter eggs.

Folk come out and pontificate ad nauseam, talmbout Ishtar is a pagan god blah blah bullshit blah. Or they say December 25th is actually the birthday of Jamiu, oko Shaadia Alata.

Ugh. What do you get from it? If you are not into Christianity, lean your ass the entire way back and LET PEOPLE HAVE NICE THINGS. If it ain’t for you, practise the wise and ancient art of unlooking, make like Ushey onise and face ya work.

Curl up with your side chick, your igbo, your Nairabet or wank over how brilliant you sounded in your post tearing another person’s faith down. Do whatever it is you need to feel better about your life, and let people look upon the Cross of Calvary where they believe the Saviour’s blood was shed that they may have life and have it abundantly.

There are days on Facebook that I have eleven friends sharing the same birthday. And I only have about 2000+ Facebook friends. So what are the odds that there would not have previously been a god celebrated on December 25th? What is the intellectual superiority in pointing that out? How does that affect people doing something IN MEMORY of an event that they hold dear, i.e. the birth of Christ??

Just the height of silliness. Don’t like Christianity? Don’t join Christianity. Don’t wanna tithe? Don’t tithe. Hate churches? Don’t go. If Ishtar is disturbing your equilibrium, vex, wear cloth, go to work, hustle hard AND LET IT BE KNOWN that you’re not about that public holiday life. But LET PEOPLE HAVE NICE THINGS!

And the quantum physicists and mathematics who wanna calculate three days and say “How did your God die on Friday but resurrection is celebrated on Sunday? Har har har!!!! Am I not just smart, the way I have undermined your ENTIRE religion? Har har har!!!!” 😒😒😒😒😒😒 If you don’t sit your inconsiderate, no-point-having ass down somewhere and LET PEOPLE HAVE NICE THINGS!

Happy Easter to everyone whose faith has brought them thus far. By His stripes you are healed; by His blood you have been made whole; by the power of the Resurrection, you have acquired a direct line to the throne of Grace. May your prayers and supplications be answered above your wildest imaginations. Amen.


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  1. Rachel you don’t know how much I love you for this. Starting to see too am any writeups trying to knock Christianity down by folks who claim to be agnostics bit yet point out that the day belong to another religion. Are you a double agent for the other religions

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